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How Do You Take Your L-Leucine?


Just started this stuff today and have mixed it (tried to mix it) with water. The results were not so fun (ended up with a pile of foam for some reason (maybe I over-stimulated the mix by using a blender).

I can't mix with juice, as that's "out" of my diet right now.

How does everyone else take this stuff? It mentions you can sprinkle it on your food, which I may try tomorrow if I can't seem to mix this any better.


Gatorade. Mix it with your protein shake. Sprinkle in a chunky soup.

I personally couldn't stand the bitter taste and began filling it into pills and popping 9 of them whenever I normally would take it. Still, I would like to see a pill/tablet form of L-Leucine made by Biotest.


Just pour a scoop directly into your mouth and chase with water or some other beverage.


Mix into shakes or just pour directly into mouth and chase with water.


Shaken, not stirred with my protein drinks.


In Crystal Light during workouts, In Oatmeal with breakfast, In Metabolic Drive before bed.



I shake it in hot tap water. The vast majority dissolves quickly.

It's not that the solubility is actually much greater in the moderately hot water, but rather rate of dissolution is faster.



can Biotest print this on the label? people will still probably ask though I guess



EDIT: Make that x3


Jeez, guess I'll try the dump and chase with water method. My god, why don't they come up with a pill version or a version that dissolves in water or something.


Thanks for the tips everyone, much appreciated.


I just posted for you how to dissolve it in water.

The only way to make it dissolve more easily yet involves adding carbs, which we chose not to do.

But frankly it's not that terribly hard to shake it in water for say 30 seconds with room temperature water, or 15 seconds with hot tap water.


Put it in a small glass, add a shot of water, swirl it around and toss it back. Repeat adding water and swirling, until your glass is clean.

I also add it to protein drinks, especially post-workout.

I do NOT recommend adding it to food... it can ruin the taste of your meal (unless it's something strongly flavored like chili, maybe). Get it down immediately before eating something, rather than ruining a entire plate of food.


Bill, I can't get it even to disperse in hot water with any amount of shaking. Half of it ends up stuck to the jar. So I've been stirring it into something with more viscosity like applesauce.


Are you talking about Biotest L-leucine or another brand?

If another brand then the particle size may be too large for rapid dissolution.

What you describe is just not at all what I experience. So I can't explain it if you're using the same thing.


I've tried this method and it sucks.


It's better than dumping dry powder in your mouth, IMO.


I was taking the GNC Anabolic Leucine Stack fruit punch flavor. I shake it for about 30 seconds with ICE. While it may not dissolve totally the ice cubes and coldness makes it more palatable.

I did stop taking it and now take Surge Workout Fuel along with BCAAs which take the place of the leucine powder cuz its in pill form. I am definitely happier with my performance with Surge and the BCAAs, but I must say the GNC Leucine stack tastes better than the Surge workout fuel which is incredibly sweet...but whatever it seems to work better.


Biotest of course! :slightly_smiling:

Does it absorb moisture from the air?



Not that I've tried it this way, but it just occurred to me, could it be that you put the leucine in the container first and then the water?

I know someone who, till told to do differently, attempted to make protein shakes that way. It's a bad method; the protein powder sticks to the container, which is a problem you mentioned.

I don't know but perhaps the same might happen with leucine.

Other than that, I just can't imagine how to get your result.

To be very specific, what I do is add about 8 ounces hot (preferably, but doesn't have to be) water to a glass Mason jar or otherwise-obtained jar such as one that had held pasta sauce, then add the leucine, close the top, and shake for about 15 seconds.

Hmm, maybe the glass has something to do with it? As I have never tried plastic, I can't say whether leucine tends to stick to plastic or not.


That's exactly what I thought I did -- glass jar and all, but maybe I did it in the reverse order.

I get absent-minded doing stuff like this. I've been known to crack my eggs into the tub of MD when making shakes. . .forget to put the lid on the coffee grinder before grinding. . .

I tried again and it worked much better once I shook it for about a minute. Thanks.

But this stuff still tastes extremely nasty to me.