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How Do You Take Your Creatine


Hey I was wondering how you all take your creatine - I have been taking it with my protien shakes but it still doesn't seem to absorb all the way and I am left with that granual tasting, teeth knawing aftertaste.

Any good recipies or better ways of absorbtion


Mix it in warm liquid, that's really the best way to get it to totally dissolve. I know lots of people take it with tea or coffee. I personally just use warm water.

Have a good one,



VIA the ear.

I put it in my Surge.


Yes; I pour the stuff directly into my mouth and then swoosh it around with water or my PWO drink. Creatine doesn't dissolve in non-warm beverages.


I put mine in hot green tea with some honey. It seems to dissolve rather quickly and is barely noticeable.


I put it in with my Surge. There are times when I will mix it in water and heat it up for a bit in the microwave until it will dissolve. Then pour that in my Surge and top off with cold water.


I have to agree with rrjc, I just put it in my PWO Surge.


Best way to take creatine is in a carbonated drink (club soda) according to Chad Waterbury.

True story.


Hot liquid with a little sodium, or hot liquid to dissolve, add ice, add Surge. or spoon to mouth wash it down


I take my creatine via the anus.

Rectum? Damn near killed em!


Scarface style.


i take it in a cup of boiling water. it'll hurt at first, but once the scar tissue forms, you're set.

coffee in the AM on non-workout days and i just try to mix it with my shake post workout on workout days.


dont take it anymore but when i did i too just got a spoon full and shoved it in my mouth then drank some water.


Warm water, cold water, doesn't matter. If you don't take it with plenty of carbs, don't bother taking it.

Try something like K-alkalyn. No loading, no bloating, 100% absorbtion. It's made monohydrate a thing of the past. For about the same price.


Warm water with a sugary syrup.

Currently though i am using a Creatine and NO blend that i got as a throw in on my last large order from a store.


The same way I take all of my hard-core drugs ... anally for ultra fast absorption.




Isn't there some issue of caffeine counteracting the effects of creatine?



If you get the miconized type it won't be gritty.

I mix it in cold water with powdered vit. C. After it quickly dissolves, add less than 1 tbs of baking soda. Great for recovery.


i take it befor i lift w/ water doesent matter how warm or cold as long as it gets in your system iwas told a good multi-vitamin is a great additive to absorption i enjoy it


I put mine in either skim milk or chocolate fat-free organic milk.