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How Do You Take Arimidex?


In my research I can't seem to find out if you take Arimidex orally or inject??


Adex is a tablet and the usual dose is about 0.25 to 0.5mg per day. I believe liquidex is taken orally in liquid form, neither is injected. For use in Testosterone Rpalcement Therapy the standard dose is 0.25mg every days or every two days. Usually is better to err on using the lower dosages and less frequency.


Why, just out of curiousity?


The dosing of arimidex is highly dependent on how much test you are doing. Too ,uch arimidex will lower your estrogen too much and tool ow of e levels will stifle your gains and other problems too. Google it.


It would be used with a dosage of 500mg of test enth per week for 10 weeks.


Send a PM to Anthony Roberts or Prisoner 22. Anthony answers all of his pm's, it just may take a few days. P22 is also very smart and may offer his assisstance.


Start at 025mg and build up if you feel it is needed. I wouldn't think you would have to go over 0.5mg. Some go as high as 1mg, but I think this in itself starts to impacton the gains you are making, and your overall health.



The first thing you will notice if the adex dose is too high, is a blunted libido. You can titrate the dose based on that alone. If your libido becomes sluggish decrease the dose, if it is fine, but your retaining too much water, or you nipples are sore, increase the dose.

Your starting dose should be .5mg every day and then increase or decrease as you need. That is what's great about the liquid version - the ability to titrate the dose as needed.

As for injectable adex - it is possible and I know some UG labs will put it in their prop or sustenon products. I personally prefer everything separate, as it makes it easier to adjust things to suit you specific needs.

Don't missunderstand me however, and inject the oral solution. Adex will work injectably, but if it the product says for oral use, then use it orally.

I remember some poor fool injecting femara once - it had been suspended in 70 proof alcohol - the poor fool lol!


Hey p-22, can I still run PCT as you reccomend if I run .5 mg of ari eod. Then I would imagine when the test taper comes I would take .25 mg of ari oed? Right, I'm asking because now that I think about it I'm not really as randy as I would normally be on cycle unless I miss a day of ari. I've never had a gyno issue in my life (knock on wood) and that includes running cycles that have pretty large doses of test and me just taking 1 mg of ari or a tiny dose of letro like once or twice a week, even while stacking test and dbol and deca or eq or whatever.

I'm just not that prone to gyno, but I know the idea of you reccomending the arim at 1 mg eod then going to .5 eod when the test taper starts is to keep the estrogen levels low the entire time to stop overly high levels from causing a shutdown, right? So would 1/2 the dosing cut it? Thanks in advance as always bro.


Yes, of course, titrate the dose to suit your needs. Everyone is going to react differently to the adex, as everyone has a different quantity of Androgen receptors, SHBG and aromatase anzyme. the figure I gave are just reference points, I would recomend that everyone play with their dose untill they find the perfect amount for themselves individually. - I know I do :slightly_smiling: that's why I favor the liquid products so much more over the tabs - much more flexability.