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How Do You Take AI More Than Twice per Week?


I’ve recently started taking Anastrozole. I’ve been on TRT for a few years and with my last lab, my E2 was elevated (54 pg/mL). I’ve read in the stickys that you should try to take 1.0mg Arimidex/anastrozole per week in divided doses. It also reads “Dose anastrozole EOD if possible”. My question is, I have a small pill cutter but it seems to be a small brittle pill…How are people dividing it into more than by-weekly doses? I can cut the 1mg pill in half, but I don’t think i can cut it again. How are people cutting it small enough to take EOD?


If injecting twice a week, take anastrozole at time of injections and serum T and anastrozole levels will rise and fall roughly together and that works well.

If injecting more often, we assume that T levels are not changing and EOD would be better. This is often in a context of also injecting hCG EOD that drives the routine.

In any case, after lab work, the dose requirements typically do lend themselves to pill splitting and a liquid anastrozole solution of 1mg/ml in vodka can be made and dispensed by the drop or volume.

This is probably discussed in 2 or 3 of the stickies.