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How Do YOU T-Bar Row?


Stand up with weight, then row. resembles a yates row. I do them like this and really feel it in my lats and between my shoulder blades.


Pretty much straight off ground. resembles a bent over row.



Option 2. Perhaps a slightly higher angle. Same setup with a standard bar jammed against a post with a DB holding the end down and a V handle.

I'm almost parallel to the floor on BB rows as well. I can't feel Yates rows for some reason.


I prefer option 1


Bwahaha! Read the youtube comments. Its good for a laugh :slight_smile:


I perform the t-bar row similar to the way Ronnie Coleman does in his Unbelievable dvd, except I use only half the weight (7 plates vs. Ronnie's 12 plates).


"haha idiot bad form dude"

These people are so incredible thick. Here is a guy who is much larger than then, much stronger, and they feel like they should give out advice?

What I have observed is that you'll typically find very few big form-nazis, and on the other side most big people I've seen tend to favor some body-english ("cheating") in order to keep the intensity up. Seems like moving big ass weights out benefits worrying too much about form.


I do a variation of option A -- I like to think I'm at about a 45 degree angle when I'm rowing.


I row like the second option. Try to keep the form similar to a bent-over barbell row as much as possible.


Personally i prefer something closer to option 2, a little more bent over than option 1, but at the moment im implementing pullups and 1 arm DB rows in place of t bar rows, though im not sure i prefer this ha.


I already do heavy db rows and pullups before i move on to t-bar rows, so i figure i'm better with option 1, as i've already done one rowing exercise at an almost horizontal angle.


Definitely yates style rows. I feel it alot better, and obviously can do more weight. Yeah Buddy!


this is how i perform my "ghetto" rows. speaking of comments. i call this the hater video. i love reading the things people have to say about me in this one as they sit in their mom's basement typing away.


lol marauder ironically your video was the one i used for example 2. The one pretty close to a bent over row. I forgot that was your youtube account haha.


I use the same method as option 2 but my torso is probably 10 to 15 degrees more elevated. I can get a better contraction that way and it really tears up my lower lats.


Whats the benefit of TBar rows versus Bent Over Rows with a close grip? Easier on the low back with higher weights?


Just make sure you use as much leg drive as possible so you minimise ROM and turtle neck nice and hard. Then, stroll round the gym on your phone for 5 minutes adjusting your sack between sets so everyone know's who da man is.


I think the people that post on youtube weightlifting videos are mentally retarded...


that's funny as shit. i watched the first vid but couldn't open the second which happened to be mine.


all rowing i listen to abel, try to be parallel to the ground


I tend to like being more yates style for rows, more of a 60 degree bend. I can lift more weight that way and hit my lats and midback better without making my lower back tire out too fast.