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How Do You Squat?


I was reading Force Training by Jim.W and they do their max efforts with a close or medium stance, becase it mimics the deadlift, and because it gives their hips a break from dynamic day..I personally squat a bit wider than shoulder width..I've never done sbox squats (i go past parallel) I was wondering..how YOU all squat? lol..and do you guys ever go heavy with box squatting? and if oyu do..do you go parallel, below, or slightly above?



i use a pretty wide stance and i go to parellel or just below


i do single leg squats as my main type of squat. i take a wide split , back leg on the bench from the rack. i do 275lbs for 25 reps. i find this exercise like doing sprints in the gym , all run muscles.


i do single leg squats. i use a wide split, back leg on a bench.275lbs x 25. i find this works all your run muscles.
in another phase i'll jump { same exercise } with 225lbs x 6- 10.all off one leg.


I have long legs, a bad knee and a bad lower back. I go really wide, and just to parallel. Needless to say, I try and just stick with lunges...


A little wider than shoulder width. Any wider than that and my hips start complaining.


same here..my left hip has been hurting for a couple months and still hasnt gone away:(.


I vary width and foot position (toes pointed way out, slightly out and neutral)every workout. Helps develop the 4 main quad muscles. Like the saying goes,"2 heads are better than 1," so 4 different stances are better also.


I call bullshit.


If this guy really does 275 x 25, he's gotta be a pro athlete.

I'm pretty sure I read on DeFranco's site that Vinny Ciurciu was the first guy he saw to do Bulgarian squats with 120# dumbells in his hands for reps. 275 for 25 reps would be ridiculous.

If you are actually doing that... that's fucking awesome. But I am going to doubt that.


I do what you do, maybe a bit narrower, and I've been thinking about throwing in some wide stance high box squats to put some extra loading on.


I squat with 2 layers of canvas haha.

No but for ME day it depends on the height of the box. You said you dont do box squats because you go below parallel, well there are alot of guys that do box squat on a 6-8 inch box, so you cant definately do them below parallel. Usually the lower the box the closer the stance. If its above parallel i definately go wide stance.


no bullshit here.
i've been doing sl squats for years now. yes i play ball in the cfl.
i hear the numbers that some of you guys squat and i'm impressed. i just don't feel like putting 700 lbs on my back. just start with 135lbs for 20's, i know you can do that. then just put in your time.
i don't bullshit. i've got even better numbers on other lifts.


When I do a back squat my heels are about 14" apart with my feet parallel.

I go down by moving my knees forward first, until my ankle flexion is maxed, then proceed to an Olympic depth.

My elbows are forward and under the bar to promote thoracic extension. Stomach is in. Eyes are forward, not up.

When I'm coming back up my hips don't raise before my shoulders. At the halfway point, my hips press forward to finish the lift.

It's an extremely clean 305# x 1 with no belts, wraps, or suits.


I vary from a wide stance-just below parallel to narrow stance- ass to calf.


With all due respect, I HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!



I squat to just at parallel.

a little wider than shoulder width

hands as wide on the bar as can be

looking at spot on ceiling




Deadlifts of various types are my main leg exercises though, squatting is usually for strength-endurance.



i do raw squats shoulder width or slightly wider ass to calves. i box squat off various box heights (always in some type of suit bottom/belt)wider than my raw stance with and without chains or bands, and i do full gear squats as deep as i can get, as modern gear takes a lot of weight to get deep. My meet stance varies from shoulder width to a bit wider. i walk out squats and use only single ply gear.

BTW, single leg work either bulgarian squats or box/band assisted pistols has really been an eye opener to strength deficit in one leg.


I always squat with a full ROM. My high bar and low bar squats look pretty similar, I sit pretty upright with both style, since I'm more built to squat than deadlift. My stance is a little wider than hip width, my hips don't like wider stances.