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How Do You Rotate Events?


Just curious what kind of rotation you guys use for event training. Usually I stick to a few events for 3 months, then switch it up as progression stalls. I think I may have pulled a trap, so I was thinking about swapping out farmers walks for yoke walks for the next 3 months or so. My events have been following this scheme since November:

Squat day = stones + farmers walks
Incline Bench Day = neutral grip clean (clean the bar then sit down and do incline press)
Deadlift Day = keg carry
Overhead Day = Axle OHP + Dumbell Clean Press (max reps)


Depends on the event for me.

Press would rotate weekly, between axle, log, and some sort of skill based implement (CDB, sandbag, keg). I would make it the first movement of the day, then go to assistance work.

I ended up sticking with the car deadlift simulator as a primary form of assistance work after my squat workout. It was easy to scale, and really seemed to just make me stronger in general. So that was like a year round event.

Moving events, I’d rotate between farmers and yoke every week, and wave the weights/distances. Then, if I had time for an extra day, I’d do a carry medley with various implements (kegs and a sandbag primarily). If not, I’d rotate that in with farmers and yoke.


I found the same thing with the stones. There a guy in our gym (73, and a record holder, real tough dude) who always said “If you are strong at the stones you are strong at everything.” I think that is true for my case. That is why I don’t rotate the stones out. How do you determine the load and track progress since you are rotating every week?


I’m pretty lazy with the loading. For farmer’s, I have a light, medium and heavy week.

My farmer’s handles weigh 25lbs a piece, so for my light week I’d put on a 45 and 25 per side for 165lbs.

Medium would be 2 45s per side for 205lbs.

Heavy would be 2 45s and a 25 per side for 255lbs. As a 200lber, that’s about the heaviest it’d go for a local show.

I’d go for 4x100’ on the light days, 2x100’, 2x50’ on the medium days, and 4x50’ on the heavy days.

Yoke was the same lazy approach. Yoke (supposedly) weighed 120lbs, I had 2 100lb plates and then the rest were 45s.

Light week was 410
Medium was 500
Heavy was 590-600

Same distance convention as with farmers.

Didn’t really measure progress, just focused on keeping my feet moving quickly and speeding up the turn arounds. Since I train solo, trying to use a stop-watch was a cluster. Occasionally I’d video tape the sets and base it off that, but it was few and far between.