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How Do You Recover?


Eating a lot of mostly good food and drinking a ton of water seems to be the thing that has the biggest impact on me so I focus hard on that.

Next is just moving around, and I’m lucky because I work in a trade and came in with decent strength and mobility so the job itself doesn’t beat me up like some of the guys I work with. It really seems like being stronger would significantly reduce the issues they have.

Also cold showers and/or finishing all my showers with cold water. That seems very helpful.


I forgot hydration lol

I’ve made strides in improving it myself. Got one big 4L jug. I dunno why I can’t be arsed refilling bottles but guzzling down frequently from a 4L bottle is easier. I guess I can track it better too.

I dunno how much water I need a day but I’m going with 4L lol. These days the weather is hot as fuck so is probably higher


I always want to do contrast showers through deloads. Where you go fully cold for 1 minute then hot as you can handle for a minute, rinse repeat for 10 minutes.

I’ve probably tried to get this going 10 times in my life and each time it plays out the same way.

Step into cold shower.
Feel like it’s a minute.
Look at the clock.
10 seconds has passed
Grit teeth, feel I’ve pushed through
Look at the clock
Another 5 seconds has passed
Think frig this and go hot
Attack the cold water again
Feels about a minute
Look at the clock, 15s has passed
Think fuck this and have a nice warm shower lol


I feel personally attacked by these questions!

I always mean to do some active recovery (elliptical, feeder workouts, whatever) on my off days but I can’t really motivate myself when the alarm goes off and always opt for passive recovery AKA an extra hour of sleep.


Lol, they aren’t direct at anyone in particular but if you feel it, change it.

It is hard to get it in, because it’s so simple usually no one wants to do it.

How many people have a foam roller at home that never gets used? Probably 95% of foam roller owners, haha


Enough sleep and good food, and drinking a ton of water are the most important ones to me. I also stretch every morning, and spend a lot of time on my feet at work when I can, although sometimes I end up tethered to my desk for hours at a time. I do finish my showers with as cold as I can stand for a few minutes to bring my body temp down so I’m not sweating when I go lay down in the bed.

I wish I could do regular massages, but that’s usually not in the cards for me. They help a lot when I’m feeling beat up.


Sleep, stretching(I need to do this more), foam rolling, & I ride the exercise bike about everyday for 20-30mins


Relaxing or recovering from lifting and life if challenging, but an important part of long term success and progress. It also makes you easier to live with, as stresses from the gym and work can easily carryover into family time.

Some of my favorite methods to relax, recharge, and recover:

  1. Walking. At work, I make a point to take plenty of walking breaks. I work on a beautiful college campus, which makes it easy to get, get some sun, and get in 10-15 minutes of walking a few times a day.
  2. Cannabis. It’s legal where I live. Most people think of cannabis users as stoners, but you can microdose in the evenings. It’s great for relaxing, reconnecting with the family after a stressful day, and sleeping.
  3. A glass of red wine. I live in wine country, and have become a bit of a snob. Having a single glass of wine right after work is great. I don’t do this every night, but sometimes it really hits the spot. There are also two wineries I can walk to from my house, which makes a for a nice afternoon activity on the weekends.
  4. Meditation. I like zazen, which is zen-style “just sitting” rather than guided. I used to do 30 minutes every day, but have slacked on it the past 1-2 years and don’t do it regularly. The ironic thing is the more stressed I am the less likely I am to do it. It’s hard to get it done when you have a long “to do” list running in your mind.


Good stuff. My wife is an Athletic trainer and uses Graston tools Love it.


I focus mainly on my nutrition. I look at everything I put in me as a building block… Just what I do.
That is what I am effectively doing right now and I feel good every day.
I would like to see my self stretch more, and do more LISS. It is -14 here today, but when it warms up I will be on the bike trails on my off days getting a good 10-15 miles in. That or taking the hounds on a hike.


Has anyone had any success with Epsom salt baths? I take them sometimes, I don’t know if they do anything though. I find them relaxing so I guess thats a plus. Probably not any magic going on though


I enjoy them. Also a good way to get magnesium, but I recommend magnesium supplement daily, unless you’ve got tons of time to take baths.


No more than 10-15 minutes at a time. Wendler used to be a big fan of them, probably still is.


I like epson salt baths. Who made Wendler the bath police? I’m chick, I wouldn’t even waste water for a 10 min bath :rofl:



Has something to do with absorbing all the shit that gets pulled out by the epsom salt. Defeats the purpose.

So maybe add the epson towards the end? I don’t know haha.


Okay. That sounds like a pretty good idea.


For me one thing that has really helped is a detachable shower head, so I can completely isolate a body part with ice cold water and not get the wind knocked out of me. I like to run water cold as possible over each leg individually and then turn it to only moderately cold for upper body, then switch to hot water, and repeat.


If you’re willing to put in 10 min, that’s already 5x more effort than me. I do 2 min showers while brushing my teeth LOL!


I have done that too! Just not as often anymore.


Yes so I get one massage and one adjustment every week
Also acupuncture to help with some insomnia etc…
I go for walks on weekends after my workouts
2-3 times per week I stretch and foam roll for about 30 min
On my lunch breaks I do banded glute activation stuff
Also Epsom salt baths a few times a month if i have time