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How do you recover quickly from overtraining?

I’ve been doing sprints in the A.M. 6-days a week and lifting 3x a week along with 2hrs.(+/-) of sport specefic(riding BMX) 4 days a week. I’ve also been eating light(1800 cal. @ 50%pro, 25%carb, 25% fat)so as if you couldn’t see it coming, I’m a hair overtrained(tired, pissed, unmotivated, tired). I was wondering what the best way to get back on track is?

EAT! Your calories are way too damn low for everything you are doing. Your training isn’t too bad, but you are definitely over doing it on the sprints. Two to three days a week are usually enough. Unless you are a competitive sprinter. Then you will train more. But there is usually a mix of hard sprinting and running for recovery. So EAT! And cut back a little.

Thanks Nate. I took today off, and am eating alot today. I need to keep w/ the sprints, though, and good geuss, I’m a pro at BMX and trying to step it up this summer. Any supps that help w/ combating overtraining(other than nandrosol…drug testing)

Surge! It is awesome. I highly recommend it.

This will make all the cabophobics cringe but you need to increase your carbs. With the amount of activity you are not replenishing muscle glycogen and your recovery is going down the tubes. You need to eat a diet specific to your performance goals. Are you trying to loose weight or are you really overweight right now? Trying to improve physical performance and drop a lot of bodyweight can be a very tricky proposition. As far as supplements go, try Biotests Powerdrive, it will help with the constant demand you are placing on your nervous system.

Definitely up your calories and take one week off. This will not kill you it will only help you.

sprints 6days/wk on top of the other stuff? Too much friend! take a week or so off completely then cut sprints to three days max.

Take off a week (maybe two if necessary). Then go back, with less volume, more food.

Thanks for all the feedback. I am definitely upping my carbs. I really don’t have much time to rest though. I’ll be racing one weekend out of the month for the next 3 months. I thik surge is probably a good idea post workout(weights). the other good point was on how tricky it is to lose fat AND increase performance. I’m currently 6’, 185lbs, and 9-10% b.f. do you think I should worry about being leaner? Thanks again.

Take two weekds off. If you still feel overtrained,take another week. Overtraining means piss-poor results,so don’t even mind going to the gym.

I wouldn’t recommend you do sprints unless you’re improving on them. Don’t do sprints just for the sake of doing sprints to burn some calories or whatever…all-out sprints are kind’ve like powerlifting or olympic weightlifting…they hit the fastest of the fast twitch motor units and can quickly exhaust the nervous system. If all you’re wanting to do is shed some bodyfat you’d be better off doing cardiovascular interval training.

Grose, think about it - sprints can be used A) to supplement other training phases (strength, endurance, etc…) or B) address deficiencies as the main workout in a phase. 6X/week is too much for A and needs to be periodized within a week’s cycle for B. Plus, you’re getting plenty of sprints during your track time. Realistically, you only need weights 2x/week with season so close at hand (it doesn’t take thatmany sets/reps to maintain strength, which is all that you should be worried about at this point). Keep the track/trail time the same or even bump it up depending on any skills you need to work on and maybe sprint twice a week on the road - possibly real light one day as a form of recovery/GPP and maybe one hard day, length of each sprint and rest interval decided by what you need to work on (starting acceleration, max speed spin, etc…). And what the fuck are you only eating 1800 cals for??? Shit, we’re a bunch of fat batsards, anything under the teens fat percentage wise is fine. Eat some food so you can recover. JD