How Do You React When People Talk About Muscle/Steroids?

When you get into a situation when someone have stupid crap like “You’re getting too big/bloated/muscly.” or “Did you know that steroids are bad for you?” or “People which take steroids are weak and just full of water and no muscle.” etc. …What do you say or how you react to it? Especially when it is someone who never even lifted and just drink every weekend…I don’t get into such situations very often, but when I do I’m usually very calm and just laugh at it, because I think explaining it to them is just a waste of time.
For info I’ve been lifting almost 9 years (from it almost 1 year on gear now). I’m competitive bodybuilder/powerlifter.

I agree with them.

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Mostly I just chuckle when people say silly shit like that.

Do they have more or less an idea of what they’re talking about? If yes, consider their perspective. If not, then consider that you’ve met yet another know-nothing know-it-all and move on with your day…


I give them like 10 steroids to run a cycle so they can be better informed going forward.



Sorta like how cocaine taught people the metric system.


Marketing, logistics, finance, drugs can teach us so much.

I don’t have much of a reaction because I don’t think talk of it in this context is important, especially considering most who speak of it like that are likely never going to use them.


i think this holds true whenever you’re getting someone’s opinion on any topic, not just steroids.


No american knows how many grams are in an ounce, unless they were around drugs. Fact.


28ish. Depends on if fluid or weight.

American, and didn’t google, so if this is wrong, it will be a bit embarrassing.

A good ounce is at least 30 grams my dude.


Reading this conversation is making me cringe

(not because of any of the people who’s taking part)

They are jealous. Or you are just getting fat.

This is true you know

Yeah and they must be stronger than all untested powerlifters and strongmen.

Next time you should freak out and start screaming and throwing things, then stop suddenly and say “oh sorry, you triggered my roid rage”

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There is a difference between supplements and steroids.

Oh, really?

I may get some hate for saying this but…

Nowadays unlike when I was younger, I would probably have no qualms if I hear someone talk crap about steroids. Really… The way I see it, if you as a lifter understand what you’re doing and are smart about your cycles and are not competing in a sport where it’s against the rules to juice, then by all means do it!

But for average joes such as myself and many others, avoiding steroids and having a negative belief about them is a good thing. The risks are real. But more than that, you don’t need that shit to be strong. Barring the truly horrifying possibility of gynecomastia, the greatest consequence of steroid usage is the fact that you’re gonna (quite literally) make your balls obsolete. I’m sorry but the testicles is the defining factor of what makes men, MEN. You take that away then what are you? You’d be no better than some girl undergoing plastic surgery because somehow you’re afraid of settling down with your own male organs.

This is just my opinion though. There was a time in my life when I was wild and rich and was very close to purchasing the juice. Now, looking back, I consider it a blessing that I ended up not being able to do it.

Muscles and strength is really just one aspect of the many elements of what makes men, men.

People never talk to me about my gear use. They just talk shit amongst themselves. Which is fine by me. People tend to have an over exaggerated fear of what they don’t understand. So who am I to waste my time correcting their misinformation. I have spend over a decade reading and applying this stuff to my life.
When the occasional ignorant person talks shit directly to me. I guilt trip the fuck out of them. Most of us are addicts whether it be just gear or other compounds also.
So I explain my walk of sobriety and how far I came and how much it hurts me to be still judged despite living my best life. While never acknowledging ped’s once.
Despite the fact that I don’t give a fuck. It really puts their ignorance into perspective.

The thing about grams is that they are always what they are. No such thing as a good 10 grams. Although, I can see the appeal when weighing some things…

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