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How Do You Rank?


This is just an interesting chart I found on Elite Fitness. I assume it's using equiptment and not raw. Would these be the minimums for what people would need to have to compete at each level? Not quite sure how this works.




Damn, I just missed getting into class 2, but if I could keep my strength and get my weight down to 181, I'd make it there.

That is for geared lifters though (by USPF rules), and I don't know my geared maxes (can't afford it anyway).


It varies from federation to federation.



It's slightly lower for AAPF. You can find the IPA's numbers under the rules tab at ipapower.come.




That just made me feel very insignificant. I'm barely class 2. But its all good im a BB not a PL.


My raw numbers would put me in class 3 and I would be within spitting distance of qualifying in USAPL.

I've never lifted in any gear, so I don't know what kind of difference that would make.


I would rank Elite in 198lb class. I don't think those numbers are current as many lifters are blowing those totals away. I mean there are guys in my weight class totaling over 1900, a few over 2000.


1012lbs Total @148.
This would be class2 in the elitefts chart, just short of class2 on the wpc chart and a little work to do to be qualified in the USAPL nationals :slight_smile:

Over here in germany we don't have a lot lifters, so everyone qualifies for nati0onals when he competed in any meet before :frowning:

Need more people...


I'm 12 lbs. below 2nd. class at 165.

I saw that chart a couple of years ago. Thats when I realized I was pretty strong, for a girl.


Are those #'s current? On the conservative end,I can total close to 2000 at 280lbs with no gear except wraps and a belt. I guess I will have to hit a couple of meets at some point.



Hey Eric, thanks for the input.

I found this one through google, I have no idea if it's valid or something that someone just made up off the top of their head, but its for RAW lifters (with a singlet and weight belt). This one makes me feel better haha.




They're just like the singlets that wrestlers use (highschool and college, not pro :wink:

They don't give any aid in any of the lifts, but they're tight so the judges can see if your butt comes off the bench, or if you squat down low enough for squats.

I like that link a whole lot better. I make it into class 1 there, and would be close to masters if I dropped down to 181.

There's not as much competition in RAW meets though (or that's the excuses I've heard).


It's a one peice top/bottom, like wrestlers wear.


Thanks, a Mod PMed me about the singlet which is why I edited it out of the post.

In any case, I'm not sure how I feel about lifting with gear right now. I think I'd like to see how far I can go raw, and then maybe switch it up at some point.



These tables basically confirm what I already know: I'm one strong son of a bitch.


What is the difference between RAW and raw?

Is RAW louder or something?


"RAW" is capitalized, and "raw" is in lower-case.


my best lifts would put me about 250 pounds off. I'm not yet back to where I was, but those lifts were also raw.


"RAW" is typed by raw lifters....

and "raw" is typed by equipped lifters..

I've done both, so I type RaW...


Anybody know what the difference is between the USAPL collegiate and junior divisions?

I ask because if 1290 lbs is the qualifier, I would be a hell of alot more competitive in the collegiate then the junior division.


The USAPL totals are for equipped lifters right?