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How do you protect your liver??

hi, I’m from mexico and have curiosity how the people from the states protect their liver.
We protect with legalon.

hmm no idea… one thing for certain we don’t strap razor blades to their feet and have our liver’s fight e/o to the death

Milk thistle extract, Lecithin, L-Cysteine w/ Vitamin C, most anti-oxdidants, L-Taurine glutathione.

Milk Thistle(the herb).

Drink lots of alcohol. Alcohol kills off the dead and weak cells, leaving your stronger ones.

I used to use milk thistle, until it was brought to my attention that the evidence for it is sketchy, and found only minor results with much less than a huge dose. Tyler’s Liver Detox is a good product, but 1+ grams of alpha lipoic acid a day seems to work well by all accounts, too.

Tyler brand Detoxification factors.


You can you a product called SAM-E that is
used in Europe for depression, arthritis
and liver disease. It is said to be able to
even help with a liver that is already damaged
from alcohol abuse and can be used as a protectant when using chemicals.

I usually put my liver in the refrigerator to protect it.