How Do You Program Assistance to Not Interfere With the Following Day?

Alright guys. Im going to start the pevertor Program from jims book, the 4 day version but im having trouble setting assistance up in a way that wont interfere with the following days lifts. Due to my inexperience i thought id come here and see if you guys could help me out?

I want to follow jims guidelines and recommended assistance exercises. Could anybody pretty please help me fit these in sensible way so i dont injure myself please?

Push :1 – Dip 2- Tri press - 3 DB shoulder press 4 - DB Bench

Pull: 1 - Chin 2 - DB Row 3 - Curls - 4 - Shrugs

Lower: 1 - DB SLDL - 2 - DB Squat - 3 - Hanging leg raise - 4 - AB Roll

my week will be:

Mon - Squat

Tues - Bench

Thurs - Dead

Fri - Press

Thanks so much guys.

Pretty simple. You’re already half way there by doing BW and DB work. Do sets of 10 or more. If in doubt start light and add weight over time.

DBs and BW limits the weight you can use and systemic fatigue or recovery issues.

Sets of 10 or more will probably result in muscle soreness before systemic fatigue or recovery issues. Really easy to assess if increasing the weight is wise. A little muscle soreness is ok, but should be gone after warm-up or ramp up sets.

The order probably doesn’t matter too much. Just don’t put the heaviest from each category on the same day.

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If your assistance is interfering with the following day, you may be out of shape, and you might want to spend a few cycles addressing that. 50-100 dips or push ups shouldn’t really be hindering your bench workout the next day.