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How do you pick up girls at the gym?

How do you guys go about picking up a girl at the gym? One which you have never seen before and consequently, which often happens, you might not see them again unless you act now. When I’m at the gym I get girls looking at me all the time that I’ve never seen before so what is the best way to approach them? Also how do you do this without totally ruining your workout by taking a long rest in between? Now I’m not talking about girls that you see all the time, just the ones that you have never seen before. I’d be interested to see what you guys do.

Being female, here’s a clue from me. Don’t attempt to pick up girls at the gym. You aren’t there for that reason. A few girls are there for the same reason that hopefully the gym’s intended purpose is: to work out. Being picked up at the gym is just plain annoying. Keep your blood flow in the right direction buddy, I am sure it will help you concentrate on the right task at hand. Save the other adrenaline rush for when you really need it. There’s a time and place for everything: the gym is not the time nor the place to be addin numbers to your little black book. I’ve said my piece, so peace out.

If she has headphones on, leave her alone, she doesn’t want to be disturbed. If she doesn’t have headphones, just smile, make eye contact and say hi. If you happen to run into her again, make small talk. If there is attraction, you will be able to notice it in her body language. Otherwise, listen to bionicwoman’s advice.

I agree with bionic woman. Use it as practice. Smile, a quick “how are you”, if there is any positive feeback, then extend hand, “My name is ^&%$, nice meeting you, hope to see you in here again, have a good workout” and move on.

I’ve heard of some girls who train on machines because most of the guys train on the free weights & they don’t want to get hit on. Don’t you see girls anywhere else?

i’m one to be found in the free weights and i still would prefer to be left alone while i lift.

Bionic-I meant don’t you see girls anywhere else besides the gym, not the machines I never thought that could be taken that way, oops.

I’ll admit I never have tried to pick up a girl at the gym for the various reasons people gave above. I go to the gym to workout and then go home, that is it. I don’t even really talk to anyone besides on the way in or out or in between sets, and that is only for duration of time allowed between sets.

But, and this is the reason I initially posed the question, I can’t help but notice quite a few hotties checking me out in the gym. Now as I said I’ve never seen most of them before and I usually never see them again. But in the past I haven’t wanted to interrupt my workout to go talk to these girls. I can’t help but want to meet them though. I could just say Hi and smile but that, esepcailly if I never see them again, is never going to get me a number or what have you. I was just wondering if someone had a method that could be used to get that number w/o really cutting into one’s workout. Elsewhere I don’t have a problem I’ll usually start with the hi and the eye contact and then go into small talk and go from there to get a number. To recap, at the gym though, I need a different way of doing it. A way in which it won’t make my workout suffer, for as I said that is the reason I’m there. Maybe ask her if she’d like to meet up for protein shakes afterwards, of course that could be taken the wrong way, LOL.

Steve - all roads lead to Rome, and in the gym they all lead to the front desk; catch her there with your notebook open; sure it looks like your planning your next workout, but you’re ready to jot her number down. Chicks like Bionic have hairy armpits and huge forebrows, so don’t bother them!

When you notice eye contact, just smile and say “Hi, are you new here?” and start the conversation. Sure, the conversation might “ruin your workout”, but I guess it depends upon how bad you want to meet that particular chick.

Its funny you mention this, but a similar thing happened yesterday when I was working out with my wingman. As we were about to leave, my wing was contemplating his move because he noticed the chick smiled at him earlier. As we were about to leave, he brought the chick into our conversation by saying some bullshit like, “… it doesn’t seem like we worked out too hard today… unlike her pointed to her) who looks like she has worked out really hard…”. She looked up and it was obvious she was already listening to the conversation between me and my wing.

So we all started talking a bit about working out and then introduced ourselves (names exchanged). Since I knew this was his game, I helped him out and told her that my wing was my “bodyguard” after wing told the chick I was his cousin. She thought the “bodyguard” comment was funny, but she wasn’t sure I was kidding or not since my wing’s bigger than me and he kinda looks the part, so she asked him about what’s up with the “bodyguard” thing. That gave my wing the opportunity to develop value in the chicks mind and talk about some cool martial arts shit he does.

His martial arts spiel was pretty interesting and set him apart from the other guys who were just there to develop a comic book musculature and look at themselves :-), know what I mean? he he :slight_smile: Now don’t get all roided out… all I’m saying that my wing did good when he showed that he had more going for him than just his body.

He showed that not only talking some cool shit he does but he asked about what she did and told her that he did similar shit too. Like, he'd say "Oh yeah? I did that too!!!" after he finds out something about her and then proceeded to give examples of what he does that is similar. That developed rapport.

When we left, he let her know that he’d be interested in getting together to have lunch of eat out after a workout next time and she enthusiastically said, “yes.” and then we left. Noticed that HE ended the conversation first? I thought he coulda been more aggressive and asked indirectly for her number or even invited her out then and there as it looked like she was finished with her workout. But it was cool as it was his first pickup attempt at the gym. (Usually we go to meat market bars like the night before) He can get together with her next time we see her.

Usually, everyone at the gym is working out and doing their own thing and people who are chatting and having a great time is uncommon and is noticed. The cool thing was that everyone in the gym was looking and was probably wondering what the conversation was about as we all laughed, smiled and looked like we were having a good time. Other chicks noticed how we were having a good time and they’d want some of that too. So I made a mental note of the chicks that were looking at us, especially the ones who looked at me. I guess I’ll take a cue from my wing and start a conversation next time :slight_smile: And who gives a shit about those who don’t like people turning a gym into a meat market? Fuck 'em , they outta mind their own business as it has nothing to do them anyways :slight_smile: he he

So you know what I look like, eh? You were going to say 5’7, 140 lbs blond hair brown eyes ex swimmer and 100 percent female and could probably kick your ass? . Ratso I was wondering if you know how to ask a question before you make an assumption about someone. Instead of stooping to your low level of intelligence I’d prefer letting you know that I dated someone I met at the gym for about three months a couple of summers ago and it did not work out. And I was the one picking him up from the gym, by asking him to spot me. So I was speaking from experience. And you? Have you any clue that I have hairy armpits and bushy eyebrows? Is that knowledge from experience? Most likely not. So until you KNOW what you are talking about, then maybe you ought to be slightly humbled. I do in fact take interest in guys at the gym, I have been caught looking, but since my previous experience I do not bother interrupting my work out for something that won’t work. What is going to happen if the said “pick up” rejects you adn you have to see them again at the gym? Or if you do date and it doesn’t work out then you continue to see them at said gym? So ratass try your hand at it, I wish you good luck. You’ll need it. Hopefully the hairy armpit chicks like me dig ya.

obvouisly none of you have ever been to my gym. where most girls dont go to work out they go to look at the guys.(no offense to the girls that do work out). steve-o if she looks like shes there for the gym leave her be but if shes staring you down make your move…after you are finished working out

Bionic, I hear you on having to SEE them in the gym again, yes…but, i would say f*%#% it and just giddy up…you never know what might happen, plus your the kinda t-lady that seeing an x in the gym wouldn’t seem to bother so I am surprised…
But I digress.
I do think that a lot of young ladies at college gyms come to gawk at guns and lats. Its funny as shit watching the majority of the girls who come in and go to the carpet area and do crunches for an hour, then ride ellipitcal for ten, and finally go home and pound six bags of rice cakes becuase they are fat free and then booze on top of that…makes me want to be like HELL THE FUCK LO…but i bite my tongue since that was me until a few years ago when i started reading some shit and wondering why i never could get cut. But, I like the front desk approach…another approach is simply to smile back and say “damn, looks like your cutting up” to a fattie or “damn how do you keep so tweeked up” to a chick that is pretty much anorexic…usually there is no in between. For those that are, normal convo works.

I’ve heard that about some girls too. What could be more lame?

Drax- thanks for being cool w/ bionic. she can get a little upity now and again…

ratso- uniborw? nice joke, i must admit, but you couldnt be farther from the truth. Bionic is a very, VERY attractive female. I have taken her to my gym on a few occasions, as we are seeing eachother, and guys hit on her with me standing there. And continue the onslaught even after she has said she is involved. Involved witht the guy right next to her… But i digress.
I cant believe this is even on this forum!! The gym is not a frickin singles bar, damnit! and if you think it is, get the hell out of my way before I smack you upside the head with a damn 45lb plate. Dont sit on the damn bench, or lounge in the squat rack and stare at some hottie, or chat leaning against the rack, or hanging one arm of the high pully… Get to work, or get the hell out of the way.
Bionic gets her philosophy from me. She used to be the typical gym hoochie, getting/giving numbers and flirting and so on and so forth. Then she lifted with me a few times, and learned what intensity and concentration was all about. I dont even speak at the gym. I am not rude, and if I am spoken to, I will hold a brief conversation just to be curtious, but I dont sit and yap. I say what needs to be said to whomever has spoken to me, and get my ass back to lifting. It is usually, “Are you using ?” “Nope, go right ahead.” or, “You are more than welcome to work in with me if you would like to.” Thats it. Enough said. Bionic has since adopted a similar philosophy to mine about the gym. It is to be used for training, not picking up the opposite sex. Granted, you may train for the simple reason of picking up the opposite sex, but do it somewhere else, you idiotic son of a bitch, cuz I have got squats to do and you are in my fucking way!
Granted, I may be a little extreme, that is just the type of person I am. But the general rule still rings clear and true- Dont use the gym for a friggin pick up joint.

Being a heavy lifter for 20 years I’ve seen so things. I have 20+" guns and wheels to match and get pestered all the time. I return all smiles. Only smiles. Cause if I pause and look at anyone. They apporach me and say “WOW how much you bench press?” Or how did you get so big? Did you play college or pro football? What did you do to get your arms like that?
If I ever stop it is over for me. I used to like to go train in new gyms to show off. Now I stay at the same place and train @ 6:00 AM. All the people know me and know when I want to yap and when to leave me alone. And the girls are just that girls out of their element for the most part. But I might like the one who has hairy arm pits.

Hey ratso, maybe that 45 pound weight upside your head might do you a little good. What do you say, DA MAN? Thanks for gettin my back.

Ratso, me and my friends were laughing our ass off at your post. That was funny as hell!

Strut up to her, tap her on the shoulder and tell her in a loud and commanding voice that she has a GREAT ASS, and that you would like to have your head all the way up it!!! Ferocious arnt’t I?

Whatever you do always remmember… lift with your knees not with your back.

hey its morning…