How Do You People Train?

i’m using a 5 day split 1chest/back 2 off 3 legs 4 arms 5 off
i use three exercises per body part and go by the progressions principles found in Poliquins book “Modern Trends in Strength Training.” like 4-5% method

BTW Poliquins GVT gave me incredible results.
later guys

Leaning out some right now. TTT at the moment. I’m still tweaking it though. A second heavy day might suit my needs better.

[quote]jsbrook wrote:
Leaning out some right now. TTT at the moment. I’m still tweaking it though. A second heavy day might suit my needs better.[/quote]

what’s TTT and has anyone tried Max OT or HST yet?

My current 4-week phase:

Day 1 (3x3)
Overhead Press
Close-grip bench
Barbell curl

Day 2 (3x8)
Decline Bench
Stiff-legged Deadlift
Lateral raises
Reverse curl
Swiss ball crunches

Day 3 (4x6)
Back Squat
Barbell Bench
Good Mornings
Barbell Row
Leg raises

I made great gains (leaner, bigger and stronger) on my previous 4-week cycle. It is similar to the above, but I switched around some things for the current cycle.

Right now, a 6 day split over the course of the week.

  1. Lower body-legs
    Speed squats 4-12 sets of 2 (depending on load) with doubled bands
    +quad, ham, calf focus assistance

  2. Upper back
    Bent over rows 5 x 5
    +Traps, external rotators, rear and lateral delts

  3. Speed bench with doubled bands
    5-8 x 3
    +Chest and triceps

  4. Heavy Lower body-core
    Some type of Goodmorning or Pull usually working up by 10s or 20s to a 1-3 rep max
    +Abs, Obliques and lower back

  5. Upper back-lats
    Chins of some sort
    +lighter lats, Biceps and Forearms and grip

  6. Heavier bench going as high as 10 x 3 at 80% or 10 x 1 at 90%+ or working up to a max 1 2 or 3
    +Extra front delt work

AND-the extra work is usually 2 exercises of 5 x 10, and I will usually come back PM and do another 3 exercises around 5 x 10

And all workouts, AM and PM finish with 5 minutes of interval cardio-15 seconds all out, 45 seconds slow.

3 Day split:

Sets x Reps (3 x 10)

Day 1

Stiff Legged Deadlifts
Bench Press
Chin ups / Pull ups / Pulldowns

Day 2

Barbell Curls
Standing Calf Raises

Day 3

Military Press
Bent Over Rows

Currently trying to focus on Eric Cressey’s tip of the day (ie. sets of atleast 10 reps with perfect form to prepare the CNS for heavier loads)

After 3 more weeks (I already have been doing this for 3 weeks now), I shall use the same exercises but switch the parameters ala Chad Waterbury style (10 x 3 and 4 x 6). Will also start to superset the last set with an isolation movement (ie. last set of bench press followed immediately with dumbbell flyes).

four day on, one day off program.

day one is legs

day two is chest

day three is shoulders/back

day four is arms/back/ anything else, kind of a fun day.

I’m doing a 2x/week split for the summer (until august 22) because I work a really physical job. I will add volume and intensity when I get back to college. The split looks like this :

Day 1 : 4-7x5 (depending on load and shape)
A1 - Pull-ups
A2 - Dips
B - DL (sumo or conventional)

Day 2 : 3-4x8 (same thing)
A - BGack squat (Always full ROM and low bar, alt. between medium stance and wide stance)
B1 - DB or BB bench presses
B2 - Barbell rows

currently 3 days per week full body workouts… 20 rep squats and such when i feel up to it. Otherwise I train using the westside protocal. I’m deciding right now whether to go full on Supersquats for 6wks or to go ahead and get back to westside.

I trained Max-OT for a while and it did wonders. I am on a 2 day split right now with 2 upper and lower days, 1 heavy and 1 light for each. Seeeing gains but only measured over 2 weeks. I might go back to max ot in a while.

[quote]Little Marcus wrote:
jsbrook wrote:
Leaning out some right now. TTT at the moment. I’m still tweaking it though. A second heavy day might suit my needs better.

what’s TTT and has anyone tried Max OT or HST yet?[/quote]

Triple Total Training by Chad Waterbury. A good program. Although there are better T-Nation programs if muscle gains are your primary goal, I think. I’ve known people who’ve had good gains on MAX OT. Generally, I think training to failure are a regular basis places too much stress on your nervous system. It’s definitely not necessary for good gains. Most here would recommend against it.

Doing my second cycle of the Waterbury Method, just finished week 1 of this cycle. I have cut it back to 3 intense weeks whilst week 4 is now a back-off week. This is being used as an accumulation block as I am going for max strength improvement at the moment. After WM I will go into a more intense cycle with lower reps, heavier loads. I’m working out what I will do at the moment, this thread is giving me some ideas!

what do you mean by “you people?”

Currently bulking using TBT. Strength levels are all going up and I’ve put on 7lbs in the last 7 weeks. Sure it’s not all muscle but it ain’t about being pretty. It’s about being strong.

Day 1

8x3 Military Press
5x5 Weighted Pull-up
3x8 Incline Bench
5x5 BB Curls
2x8 Decline Sit-ups
2x8 DB Side Bends

Day 2

8x3 Deadlift
3x8 Squat
3x10 Seated Calf Raise
2x8 Weighted Swiss Ball Crunch/Russian Twist Superset

Day 3


Day 4

8x3 Flat Bench
8x3 Power Clean
3x8 Bent Row
3x8 Weighted Dips
abs like Day 1

Day 5

8x3 Squat
3x8 GHR or Reverse Hypers
3x10 Seated Calf Raise
abs like Day 2

Good stuff! Day 2 is a puker though!

I’m using Westide for Skinny Bastards witht the extra leg workout day. I’m also using an extra workout for weak points training. So I train Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat.

1 on, 1 off, EDT rotation of 4 days two upper 2 lower for three cycles then a down week of less volume.

Rinse and repeat. Currently starting 2nd EDT cycle

Day 1. Legs
Day 2. Chest
Day 3. Back
Day 4. Shoulders

Rinse & Repeat

If I’m feeling a little sore, or too busy/traveling and can’t get to the gym one day, I’ll let it become:
Day 1. Legs
Day 2. Off
Day 3. Chest/Back
Day 4. Off