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How do you Moisten Your Meat?


Teehee ;}

Seriously though, I'm cooking about 4lbs of chicken to consume over the next few days and I'm just wondering how you all keep your meats, particularly chicken, moist while it's in tupperware in the fridge. Obviously, the first part is learn to cook and not dry out the meat in the first place. I already handled that. I sprinkled just a bit of water over the chicken in the tupperware.

Do ya'll have issues with this or do you have suggestions..Etc.

I'll be microwaving for my reheating...thoughts?


I only eat chicken breasts when dieting. I also bought a vacuum sealer for those times. I will usually cook for 3 days in advance and seal/freeze the rest. If they are sealed, they are in the same condition when thawed and cooked as when you sealed it.

Aside from those new containers that clip down and actually form a solid seal, no other tupperware will keep meat from drying out if it is kept long enough.


I got one of those vacuum packers at costco recently. It's awesome.
It works better on some things than others but it definitely adds a couple days of tastiness to most of the things on which I've used it. It also seems to make a difference in marinating.


This works.

I'd like to add I marinate the meat in a little low fat yogurt (or if i'm unprepared i mix the meat with yogurt and put it in the oven/grill straight away) with some spices. I have never seen the meat get dry within three days of consuming it.

Hope this helps and yes the title made me lol.


Haha good. Thanks for the help. I'm only cooking a few days in advanc so I'm sure it'll be fine. Either way, I'm a dorm room inhabiting college student, meaning; I'll eat the damn chicken even if it does get a little dry...throw some damn cajun mustard on the shit.

I consider myself a step ahead just for living in a dorm and cooking chicken/eggs/veggies etc.


Another questions, is it possible to cook ground turkey and beef in the over? Without making it a meatloaf..if so how do you go about it. I'm gonna experiment with meatloaf but I'm wondering if I can jsut brown it somehow.

Again I live in a dorm and I can only really use an oven as I don't have a frying pan..I have a skillet though.

The chicken is for my protein+carbs post PWO meal. I'd like to be able to cook beef though.



You can cook anything in an oven. It may not be pretty, but when you are broke, you do what you have to.

If you are that desperate, get a cooking book.

I just bought a real grill so that is what I have been using lately.


Cook book is a good idea I suppose. I've spent the last hour browsing oven cooking on this little interweb.

I'm poor, I know this.
I'm desparate, I know this.
But I love eating, and cooking and bodybuilding. So I'll do whatever the hell I gotta do.

Lucky you and your grill. I hear George Foreman's a pretty decent investments but we aren't supposed to have them in a dorm. My next investment is a crock pot.

pound of frozen veggies, shitload of meat, can of broth, assorted spices, turn and cook all day..you got yourself several days worth of good healthy bodybuilding chow.


You can cook beef or turkey patties in a skillet. If you can get a hold of bison or lamb, those are good as well. To mix it up, mix the meats up.



If you have a gas grill, get a smoke box and wood (mesquite is the best) and cook the meat on low heat ~300-320. This takes longer but the meat stays juicier and heats up well later. Bison burgers are especially good this way.

This works in a charcoal grill as well. Probably better.


May I ask why?


Get a george foreman grill, they're the shit.

EDIT: Nvm, just saw you can't have one


We weren't supposed to have that microwave I hid in the closet either. Hell, for that matter, we weren't supposed to sneak those girls in through the first floor windows of the freshman dorms.



I have a charcoal grill. I've been cooking at least 5lbs of meat at a time which lasts me maybe two days (three if I don't eat it for most meals). I really haven't had a problem with dry meat.


Because at what I currently weigh, I need more calories than that. I plan on sticking with beef until I find it a little harder to drop weight.


One of my favorite ways to cook chicken is to just throw a whole chicken into a crockpot and let it cook for about 8 hours.

When it comes time to put it away, I just put it in tupperware and pour all of the fat back on top of it. When you reheat it in the microwave, be sure to spoon a little fat back onto it, especially the lean pieces. I know this won't help too much for a P+C meal, but it does make for some tasty leftovers.


Lol I'm thinking the George Foreman is a good idea. I'm not supposed to have girls spend the night. Scoff.


How much do you weigh and how many calories are you eating a day?


George foreman grill =bff


280-285lbs and I don't count calories, at least not any more than getting a general idea of how much I need to eat.