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How Do You Measure Wrists & Ankles?

I can’t really seem to find it anywhere…is it supposed to be on the bony part or the narrowest part? The narrowest part of my wrist is 7’’, but where the bony portion is it’s 7 1/4’’. And the ankle is even more confusing. My ankles are 10.5’’ at the bone, but at the narrowest portion of the leg/foot it’s 9ish, so I’m not really sure where these measurements are supposed to be taken.

Why on earth should you care about these measurements.

Please don’t tell me that you’re going to plug them into some “max lean lbm” calculator ?

Hey awesome post thanks for contributing!

Pick the smallest measurement.

[quote]acelement wrote:
Hey awesome post thanks for contributing![/quote]

And, am I correct in my assumption ?

I’m honestly curious as to why you would need to take those measurements.