How Do You Measure Portions?

I just bought a digital food measuring scale. I just realized that the difference in weighing vs using a measuring cup is pretty significant. I measured out a cup of oats, which should weigh 80g, but it came out as 96g on the scale! Has anyone else noticed this? How does everyone here measure out their portions?

vcreed - yeah, volumes are different than actual weight. there are several reasons for this. for the oats you mentioned it could be the relative humidity in the air causing them to absorb more water thus weighing more. the relative size of the units being measured is another. for instance i remember a recipe calling for two cups of brocolli. two cups of brocolli? hmmm, that’s interesting. well if i chop up the brocolli into really small pieces i can get more into a cup then i otherwise could. see the trend? i would go with the weight bro. that’s what i do. for stuff like milk, dressings & various condiments i weigh the listed volumes and write it down on my list of “what volumes weigh” and simply weigh out my liquids. plus it is much easier to do and you don’t have to mess up as many dishes.

what kind of scale did you get? did you get one with a tare function? i bought one from polder and i love it. kevo

Kevo-I got my scale at Walmart for $30. It is made by “Good Cook”. It actually seems to work pretty good. You just zero it out with whatever container you want to use on the scale, and go. It has grams or lbs. I’m definitly gonna rely on it now as opposed to measuring cups.

yeak, the zeroing ability works great. set your bowl on the scale and zero it out, add an ingredient and zero it out, add the next ingredient and zero it out, etc. keep going till your concoxion is done. great for salads and other mixed dishes. your life is going to be sooo much easier now. you made a great investment! kevo