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How Do You Make Your Surge?


Ok ya'll I know this is border line sacrilige, but I just had Surge for the first time yesterday and I thought it tasted horrible. I just mixed it with water. Is this how everyone is mixing their Surge? I expected it to taste awesome by all of the reviews I've seen from fellow t-nationalists but I didn't like it at all.

Thoughts? Recommendations?


The first time I tried it, I damn near considered throwing the whole f'ing thing out because I hated the taste that much. I decided to give it a try a few more times and the taste gradually became more pleasant. I don't mind the taste now (wouldn't go so far as to say I like it, but its not bad)- give it some time, see if your palate adjusts to it.


Use ICE COLD water and mix well.


Man, that sucks! By what everyone said about it, I thought I was about to have an ice cream shake. Man, i was disappointed. Oh well, I paid for it so I guess I should drink it.


Yes, use cold water and mix the hell out of it. The taste will grow on ya.


Alot of people have this reaction at first. Give yourself a little time before ya make a decision on it. I didn't much care for it at first but now I look forward to it!


2 & half scoops mixed with a scoop of EAS Phospagen creatine...

In a shaker with cold water, shook well.... wait for the froth to subside and add more water to kill the acidic frothy top...

Seems to work pretty good for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Surge is not as thick as Grow!/Metabolic Drive. The nasty flavor is the hint of hydrolyzed whey some people can taste. As mentioned above, drink it ice cold. If you are mixing it in a blender or shaker bottle, try using a spoon to mix it instead. If you make Surge froth the bad taste is more apparent.

That being said, I could not stand the stuff the first few times I had it. After a few servings, I am now in love with Surge.


Room temp water, stirred so as to not get frothy head works well. You're using the scoop that comes with the stuff, right?


Most everyone says they like, but note the 'getting used to it' period for the palate. i honestly found it terrible in the beginning, but after a week, i have steadily grown to love the taste to the point now that i would kill to keep it from being changed. the flavor is hard to describe, angel food cake maybe?




Make sure you're using the right amount of water for the suggested serving. I once added an extra 3 oz water to two scoops and the watered down taste was horrendous.

When I mix it correctly, I think it tastes amazing.


Wow on the timing of this thread! I tried Surge for the 1st time last night and I was thinking, "could they possibly make it taste any more like chalk?" Guess it's not just me. I think using ice cold water and stirring as opposed to using the stick blender will help. Good tips, thanks.


I've never had any problem with it. I mean it's not great but I've had far worse.


Like the others have stated:

Bought it, HATED it. I almost threw up. Said oh well and stuck to it. I mix it with very cold water and I use a fork. Let froth settle. After a week or two, the transformation had occured. It is now my single favorite thing there is supplement wise and almost food wise in general. It is almost drug like in its hold over me. I get bummed out on non-workout days since I can't have any. All day on work-out days I find myself half excited to work out, just to have some Surge.

It sounds fanatical and I guess it is, but just an example of yet another person who was majorly turned off from the porduct, upset with the purchase and hated the taste, who is now a firm believer.

If I could have it more often I would take every advantage to do so.


I mix mine with skim milk,grape juice,water,and a sport drink.


Got to add my vote for the icy cold water simply amazing!

I didn't quite like it at first either ... but now I could probably eat it straight from the container.


I do occasionally scoop some directly into my mouth.

Tastes great to me.


I use 2-3 scoops of Surge (depending on the type of training session) with refrigerated filtered water along with one serving of 4-hydroxyisoleucine and r-ala powder. I enticed a few friends to try Surge but they also found the flavor appeal to be an acquired taste. For me though, that first taste of Surge was just as delicious & smooth as yesterday's last. Maybe this is because up until a few years ago I consumed home blended post-workout shakes like predigested whey hydrosylate 520 with pure dextrose... Now that's something to complain about!

Peace be with all!


1st time I tried was almost the last.
However, I reminded myself that I was drinking for recovery purposes and not for taste.
The next time i decided to cut the water in half to finish quicker, and lo and behold I loved it.
The key for me is about 4-5 oz of water with my 2 scoops!