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How Do You Make Good Brown Rice?


i made some tonight and it tasted like shit. i barely finished it. i let some water boil and then i threw it in and added seasoning.

is there anyway to make it taste and have the same texture like white rice?


Im afraid not, white rice has its taste and texture BECAUSE its not brown rice.

Brown rice = un processed white rice.

Anyway if you cant handle B rice, then id recommend trying basmatiti rice, its similar to white in taste or why not try to season your brown rice?

Little bit of salt, some soy sauce, maybe some mustard?


I just use a bit of BBQ sauce for my wholegrain rice and steak. (ok I admit there's days where I smother the food in the stuff). Makes a world of difference though


LOL. You don't. I hate brown rice...which is why I don't eat it. I have honestly not ever seen a huge difference in effect between white and brown rice assuming overall calories are what is the main focus. I suppose it may matter in the last few weeks of a contest diet.


You could mix half brown and half white.

I'm not a huge rice fan in general, and brown just has a bit more fiber, it's not really that exciting.


Sorry, I have no suggestions on how to make brown rice taste better. Have you tried quinoa in place of brown rice?


i want it to not come out so clumpy and crunchy. whats so good about basmatiti rice?

also what makes white rice processed? do they only remove the skin?


never heard much about quinoa, i havent even seen it at the store. whats it like? it looks like oats. whats good about it?


Add in some Tumeric, Curcumin, or Curry...problem solved.


fry it in a pan with veggies and add soy sauce and chili sauce to taste


It has a lighter texture and is less cardboardy than brown rice. It goes well with stir fry.


Both Amazon and Costco carry it.


yeah i'm not really sure how to fix your brown rice either, but I don't think it's too noticeably different from white rice regarding digestion and macros.


Can't help you with the taste but learn to make rice, white or brown. This is bagged rice, no Uncle Ben's or one of those brands. Pour the amount of rice you want in a saucepan, before the water. If you're making only enough to eat for one meal, use a small saucepan, cover it with water to about a half inch over the rice. Turn on the heat, bring to a boil, put a lid on the pan, slightly askew to allow the steam out. Cook til all the water's gone. Cooked rice. Soy sauce improves anything. If you're going to eat rice regular, invest in a rice cooker. Small, no frills models can be had at any oriental store for under $20.


Cooking it in broth or using bouillon works wonders for me. Adding cheese helps too. Id opt for white if you really hate it, then drink some metamucil if that makes you feel better about the fiber. Cook the white rice in broth, too.


Here's what you have to do...

  1. Forget cooking brown rice on the stove using a pot, invest in a rice cooker as they sell pretty cheaply. The reason why this is highly important is because it'll cook your rice perfectly all the time. It's easy to undercook/overcook on the stove.

  2. Make sure you are using 2:1 water to brown rice. This is also something you do not want to overlook. Brown rice is much drier so you need twice as much water.

  3. Soak your rice one day ahead of time! Trust me on this one, it's like marinating a tough steak - same concept. I also heard that this also starts the germination process which also improves the nutritional content. Soaking my brown rice totally changes the texture.

You can get by just doing step 1 and 2, but doing the above three really improved the way brown rice turned out.


I've always found that adding a bit of honey to my brown rice makes it significantly more palatable.