How Do You Maintain Every Day Injections?

Chances are i may have to go to every day 6 to 10mg injections as i have low shbg. So my question is: how in the hell are you guys (those who are injecting ED) poking yourself everyday? I was doing eod and even that i found was extreme. I cant imagine every day. So is there a technique? Do u guys rotate locations? When i was doing eod i was just swapping left and right glute cheeks. But it wasnt a good feeling knowing my butt is lookin like swiss cheese.

My other option is to stop injections and go to androgel or some kind of gel form. I heard thats a good option for low shbg guys.

I also read switching to prop from cyp for ed or eod is beneficial.

Anyone have any insight for any of these topics pls share.
Currently im off everything as doc ordered and pissed off about it. Hoping to go back in 7 weeks and demanding gel or a new dosage.

Imagine 30 secs a day gets you feeling better than you’ve ever felt. If it doesn’t and you feel that 30 secs is a chore than you obviously don’t need it. The people that feel better on less frequent injections will say it’s not worth 30 secs a day. Plus you can’t feel insulin syringes so there’s no pain.

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Your using insulin syringes for im? I tried slin inj but that was for subq only not im
Btw, i dont mean that injecting every day is a chore. Im concerned about the amount of scar tissue and holes in the glutes from daily injections. The time it takes to do it daily is of no concern at all. Its just the daily trauma to the tissue thats got me worried.

I use insulin syringes for daily IM. Also used for sub-q previously.

NO they just like playing doctor on themselves. If you got the funds for the syringes do it but it won’t last for long. Soon or later you will end up at two shots a week like most of us that have been doing this for over 6 years. All this daily bullshit is just that bullshit.

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What gauge and length slin needle were u using for im?? Thanks

Im not saying u r wrong but…what u said goes against everything ive been told and read as it concerns for low shbg guys as we need very frequent small doses.

I understand why you’d say that. I feel using an AI is stupid but I also don’t need it and would argue it’s not a long term solution. If I were like you and needed an AI to feel my best self I would think the person that is saying AI’s are stupid is stupid. Then technically we’d both be stupid and playing doctor. I think we all need to figure out what works for us and when you find something that works after trying everything else then who is to say it’s wrong?


I switch delts daily.

The purple part

I see. Would u say this is a true im or a shallow im? I guess u got low shbg as well?

My SHBG is 39.9. With a 1/2 inch needle I guess it’s technically shallow IM but delts aren’t super deep either.

I tried once a week, every 3.5 days, EOD, daily sub-q, EOD sub-q and now daily IM. I do best on daily sub-q or IM. I prefer IM but there really isn’t much of a difference.

I see. If u dont mind me asking, how many mg a day and cyp or prop?

28.6mg test cypionate daily. You likely won’t need that much though. Start low and work your way up giving enough time between dose changes to know how you react

Damn thats a lot. If i use anything more than 20mg eod my free test goes too much outside normal limits. At 28mg is your free test at upper limit or over and if over, how much over? Just trying to get an idea

I started with 100mg/week and worked up to 200mg/week over a very long time giving each 20mg/week increase at least 8 weeks before going up.

Most recent labs

Your tt is more than double what it needs to be…your doc is ok with that? Your e2 is high. Your rbc hemocrit hemoglobin. Are those are elevated as well?

R u “self prescribing” trt or is this under a docs supervision? Just wondering what your doc feels about these results. Mine would have a heart attack lol

If you need a new doc I can help you out. My HCT is 47. I’m prescribed under a doc. What one person needs is going to be different from the next. You may not need such high T levels but I would bet you need higher than the 500 you’re at now. I feel great at close to 80 E2. The T to E2 ratio is more important than the E2 number by itself.

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The new doc i have is super anal and wants all results to be within normal limits with exception of e2 and ft. He said he doesnt care about those. The cbc and tt is what he cares about. My old doc was opposite.

Keep in mind on daily dosing you’re doing labs at 24 hours after the last injection. While my numbers look crazy high if I were to do the same amount once a week and test at trough like most (7 days) they would be way lower. Daily dosing keeps levels stable throughout so peaks aren’t as high and troughs aren’t as low (basically eliminates peaks & throughs which is the point of daily dosing).


Is the reason u r daily dosing because of low shbg or because u r after more steady and stable levels?