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How do you lose water weight?


What are the best ways to lose water weight? Do you drink lots of water but take in no sodium> Or do you dehydrate yourself while taking a water pill?


Personally, I think the increase in water intake with an increase in Potasium is the best bet... up to about 2 gallons a day, with a few days of distilled water at this level about a week before you need to be ripped.

Don't take a water pill until the day before a photo-shoot/contest or something. I have found Taraxalone to be the best water pill for me, but everones different.

Now, if your just looking to lose the water weight and stay there, I'd recommend a water reduction week following the regiment outlined above, then stay on about 1.5 gallons of filtered water a day (depending on your body weight). If things just arent working out, then try the Taraxalone and perhaps 100mg of glycerol, no more then every other day.


If you cut carbs out of your diet (or even just restrict them to a low level), you'll drop several pounds of water fairly quickly. And you can then keep them off for as long as you like. If you're talking about contest dieting, though, that's a different story.