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How Do You Like Your Steak?


I grilled myself a t-rex sized ribeye this weekend and was wondering about the following from you guys:

  1. what's your favorite cut of steak?
  2. what do you season it with?
  3. how do you like it done?
  4. how do you prefer to cook it?
  5. what sides do you eat with it?

Here are my answers:

  1. Ribeye, dry aged 2 1/2 weeks
  2. salt and pepper is all I need, let the beef flavor come out with each bite
  3. medium rare is the only way to go
  4. either on a cast iron skillet in a broiler or on a charcoal grill (no lighter fluid, dammit!)
  5. when I'm eating clean, grilled asparagus, summer squash, and a lightly grilled beefmaster tomatoe lightly seasoned w/ garlic butter and celery salt. When I'm cheating, a loaded baked potato (chives, sour cream, butter, extra sharp cheddar, crumbled bacon), wilted spinach with feta cheese and balsamic glaze.


Knock off the horns,
wipe the ass,
serve it up...


I rarely eat a steak, but when I do it's either a Ribeye or a Sirloin. And the good steaks don't need any seasoning :wink:. Most of the time when I buy a sirloin steak, I run it through the meat grinder and freeze up some patties. It's a helluva lot better than the ground stuff you get at the grocery store!

  1. what's your favorite cut of steak?
  2. what do you season it with?
  3. how do you like it done?
  4. how do you prefer to cook it?
  5. what sides do you eat with it?

  6. Ribeye - at least 1" thick

  7. Salt and pepper
  8. Medium Rare
  9. On the grill
  10. With a 1 inch ribeye - you don't need any sides. Just pure steak nirvana.


bro i'm w/ you. and i've got a particular liking for grass fed beef. pretty much like the sirloin best. and yeah some salt and pepper, some iron and some frickn btu 's gets it done. i like the sirloin rare. and the tenderloins i cut about 2 1/2 inches thick and sear 'em off in a pan and that's it. cold inside. mmmm mmmm. i love beef. it's kinda disappointing how most beef is shit quality. especially when you consider how much we produce. you'd think you wouldn't have to go to all ends of the earth to get some good meat.

you ever get any kobe beef ? i hear there's some people in texas making kobe style beef from wagyu cattle. ever tried it ? is it as good as kobe ? ie worth $70 bucks a lb ? mmm mmmmm mmmm frickn mmmm kobe steak goddammm mmmm.


I actually like mine a little more done than this. With my steak, you actually need to run it through a warm room.

Lately I've become a prime rib fan. Gotta have the creamy horseradish sauce or else it's not prime rib. Some tomatoes in a bowl with blue cheese dressing. That's it.


"Creamy horseradish?" No way, pure stuff for me, man. If it doesn't clear your sinuses, it aint real horseradish. The stuff that makes it creamy is fat-laden mayo.

Next time you are having Prim Rib, ask for the pure stuff.

Life is too short to eat watered down horseradish with prime rib..

  1. Eye Fillet, at least 350g
  2. Bernise sauce and black pepper
  3. Medium
  4. Grill or pan fried
  5. Roasted potato, spinach and carrot

My favourite meal after a hard 8x3 workout, makes myself feel that I have earn my steak.

Geek boy



spring, summer, fall, winter are all ok



i eat both sides

ok, real answers

filet mignon

s & p

charred on the outside, cold, dark, still mooing/grazing center

wood fire or charcoal, iron skillet ok

none really, but usually go with an iceberg salad to start and serve with asparagus, broccoli, or somthing green to showcase how raw my steak is - contrast reminds me of christmas time



bloody carne asada with a corn tortilla or a new york steak bloody......


  1. filet mignon when I can afford it, sirloin otherwise
  2. marinate in olive oil and balsamic vinegar (dad taught me)
  3. medium rare or rare
  4. on a grill (or George Foreman grill in my apartment)
  5. When bulking, a large pile of mashed potatoes, a veggie and salad. When not bulking (not cutting either), a smaller pile of mashed potatoes, a veggie and salad.


In Pretoria you get a steak called a Bluebull Steak. (if you know the local rugby team you'll know why). 2.5kg Marinated (5 pounds ?) Slap it on a hot braai (charcoal grill), 3 seconds a side.
You dont need more than this.
No wonder we have one of the highest rates of high cholesterol in the world.


Pretty much any sirloin cut, salt, pepper, grilled, no lighter fluid, medium rare with some sort of greens on the side, I like a quarter lettuce wedge with some ground up bleu cheese and diced tomatoes.

Another great cut of meat if you cook it right (12 hours in a smoker on low heat) is the briscut, shred that up with a little BBQ sauce and some cole slaw and pasta salad to go along with, good stuff.


Since I've been eating a few steaks a week, I've been cooking the cheap cuts lately (top round, bottom round, tri-tip etc.). The cuts can be tough, so I broil them on both sides and then bake them until they are cooked through. Usually I put garlic salt or salt and pepper on them. I eat them with a large spinach, romaine, and muchroom salad with a ton of olive oil.


The T-bone, as I can't get over the opportunity to get two great cuts in one steak.

Usually just salt and pepper, but sometimes with garlic and oregano too.

Medium rare -- and real medium rare, like a steakhouse cooks it when you order it that way. If you go anywhere other than a steakhouse, order one level above how you actually want it cooked, e.g. order medium to get medium rare.

I prefer it cooked at the Palm or Capital Grille or Donovan's or some other comparable place, but if I'm doing it I usually start in with a saute of one side, and then turn it over and finish it in the oven -- that or BBQ.

Anything's good, but grilled onions and spinach cooked in garlic and olive oil with salt and a little parmesan is divine.


BTW, for my birthday I got the biggest cut of meat I have ever had. It was a 2.2 lb bone-in prime rib from a restaurant called, naturally, The Prime Rib, in DC. I highly recommend it (it's won "Best Steakhouse in DC" from numerous sources).


As far as how it's cooked: "Something that a good veterinarian can bring back to life" works for me (about a minute on each side with the grill as hot as you can get it)

It MUST be grilled- anything else is just an injustice to the meat.

Try this for seasoning: a touch of "Cavendar's Greek Seasoning" rubbed in and then press some CRACKED pepper (not the powdery stuff, not course ground, and not whole peppercorns- CRACKED pepper) into the meat about 10min before you put it on the grill.

I'm hungry just thinking about it.


  1. New York Strip
  2. Salt, Pepper, Xtra Virgin Olive Oil
  3. Rare to Med Rare
  4. Grill, Grill, Grill, or grudgingly broil
  5. Sides?!? Sides are what the food eats!!


Rib eye or filet
At home: Garlic salt and cracked pepper
Out: Same or ala Oscar
A true medium-rare (find you usually have to order rare to get med-rare, unless you're at a quality steak house)
Grilled asparagus, zucchini, summer squash, red peppers and onions with a salad of romaine/spinach, tomato, feta, olive, cucumber, red onion, and bacon in an olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing.


  1. Skirt steak
  2. Gorgonzola, peppers, mushrooms
  3. Med-rare, more rare than med
  4. directly on wood charcoal coals, no grill rack, place steak directly on coals 1-2 min/side.
  5. Broccoli, mashed cauliflower, greens.