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How do you like your breasts?

Chicken that is…

I’m running out of good chicken recipes…
Have a good one? Post it!

Here is one of my favorites, if you like cajun style food this is good and easy too.

Pan seared creole chicken:

Lightly coat skillet with EVOO and heat until just before smoking point.

Sprinkle creole seasoning (see below)
on both sides of boneless chicken breasts and place in skillet and cook!

Good stuff but go easy unless you like spicy food.

Creole Seasoning (ala Emeril Lagasse)

2 1/2 tablespoons paprika
2 tablespoons salt
2 tablespoons garlic powder
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon onion powder
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon dried leaf oregano
1 tablespoon dried thyme

Combine all ingredients thoroughly and store in an airtight container.

Hey, great idea for a thread! I’ve been thinking about posting just this question. I usually cook a whole days’ worth of food at a time, which often includes breasts. By the end of the day that third breast feels and tastes like a shoe.

On those occasions when I can cook-and-eat-right-away, I go crazy with the Cajun blackened seasoning, and maybe a dash of lemon or lime juice. Also, soaking them in Italian dressing for a couple hours before cooking adds a nice zing!

Sorry man but I keep it simple. I buy in bulk and cook them all in the oven then freeze em. Then I can just pull one out thaw add what ever and walla I got protein.



Sometimes I like to buy the whole breasts with the skin and bones and boil them. They are usually cheaper, and it is really easy. Plus, you can do a bunch of meat that way and keep it in the fridge to add to salads, stir fry, or what ever. Then strain the broth and use it to make rice.

2 onions, peeled cut in half
1 head of garlic, leave intact but cut the bottom off
Half head of celery, chopped into large pieces
5-6 carrots cut in half
2-3 bay leaves
approx 1/2 tsp of pepper corns

Throw everything in a big pot, add chicken, cover with water, simmer for one hour. The chicken will be super tender and flavorful.

Phill, that’s a heck of a good idea man!

Phil- come on man, I expected something a little more from you!

just kidding gotta love your efficientcy though, ah those good ole college days, actually I do this too, but I use it as a backup “stash” for when things get hectic and dont have time to cook.

I just discovered Emeril’s Rubs. I first tried the Steak Rub. That was so good, I bought the Chicken and Fish Rubs too. They are all really good. You just put some olive oil on the meat, apply the rub, let it sit for 30-60 minutes for best flavor, but that isn’t absolutely necessary, then cook. Highly recommended.

I do the same as Phill,except i just sprinkle on some garlic powder,and basil,cook,bag,freze,and use as needed

I love my breasts, thank you very much! hehehe

I also cook a lot of them at one time in the oven or boil them, but stop the cooking process while still mildly pink inside. That way, they are not overly dry when reheating.

Then, with the cooked plain breasts (these meals may be considered a bit girly to some, but they’re tasty and easy):

-cut into bite sized pieces, marinate in olive oil, fresh garlic, balsamic vinegar, salt, spices…toss over baby greens for a salad, along with chopped hard boiled egg white, raw almonds, tomatoes

-add chopped breast meat into fold of egg white omelette at the end of cooking along with small amount of mozzerella…top omelette with marinara sauce

-chop and mix with olive oil, avocado, tomato, green onion, salt and spices for cold chicken salad…this can be eaten as an open face sandwich on top of a slice of toasted, diet sliced brown bread

-chop and mix with a little bit of mayo, flax seed oil, curry powder, celery, salt, pepper…roll into whole wheat tortilla

-top cold breast with bottled bbq sauce or salsa, nuke 1 minute, serve with reheated sweet potato/brown rice/quinoa/whatever

-when craving pizza, top cooked breast with pizza sauce and lowfat mozzerella and broil

a. Shred cooked chicken breasts into bite sized pieces, place the meat into a bowl.

b. Curry sauce: Make a roux (1-2 T. flour, 1-2 T butter or light olive oil) cook in saucepan, then add skim milk, continuously whisking with fork or wire wisk, until a thick white sauce is formed…season the sauce with salt to taste…add curry powder to taste…place into serving bowl.

c. Condiments: chopped hard boiled eggs/whites, salted roasted peanuts, golden raisins, chopped onion, turkey bacon bits

d. to serve: place serving of chicken onto a plate. Smother with sauce. Top with desired condiments. Serve with brown rice. Can do the same with Jumbo Shrimp.

“Chicken Balls”

Well, that’s what we call em, anyways. Cut breasts into bite size chunks. Put a little flour into a small paper bag, season with garlic powder, seasoned salt, pepper, and maybe some cayenne powder if you like it hotttt!. Add chicken and shake to coat. In a hot pan over high heat add enough olive oil to cover the bottom. Let heat for a few seconds until just starting to smoke and add the chicken. You want this to cook hot and fast (keeps the meat tender). Stir or shake once or twice to get all of the chicken lightly browned. Turn off the heat, then pour enough of your favorite hot sauce (we use Frank’s) to coat the pieces. Stir, and let sit for about 30 - 40 seconds on the unlit but still hot burner - then serve. Once the chicken is cut up, the whole process takes like 5 or 6 minutes. Tastes like boneless hot wings. My family (wife, 3 kids) love these and we eat them probably twice a week. Bad part is trying to lay off the bleu cheese that tastes so gooooood with it!

P.S. For those culinarily challenged bodybuilders, a great BB recipe book is called “Muscle Meals” by John Romani.

I buy the family packs(boneless or bone-in). Mix 1/2 cup lemon juice, 2 tbsp white wine worcestershire, 1 tbsp black pepper, 1/2 tsp sea salt, 1/4 tsp x-hot chili powder(or more to taste) and 2 cloves garlic - crushed. Put a small amount of mixture in a tupperware container and place breasts in. refrigerate overnight. If they are boneless, cook in a lightly oiled cast iron skillet. The bone in ones I do on the grill. they will keep in the marinade, in the fridge, for 3-4 days. Or they can be places in a ziplock bag and frozen in the marinade for future use.

Hooray for boobies… I mean breasts. Breasts!