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How Do You Like to Workout: Full vs Empty Stomach?


or something in between?

I've noticed i had shit workouts when changing from evening to early afternoon ones for the longest time. Then someone pointed out meals.

I have always had much better workouts by far when I have eat a BIG meal less than an hour before hitting the GYM.
The energy, motivation and strength is just much weaker if i don't do this. another friend said it is the opposite for him, which i found interesting.


Eating a big meal is favoured aboout 1 hour and a half before the workout.


Anything in between. I don’t like feeling super bloated or starved. I don’t stuff myself within an hour of lifting and I’ll grab something light to eat if I’m hungry right before lifting.


I like a small something. Working out on a completely empty stomach is a good way for me to lose some weight through emesis lol


A decent meal one or two hours prior, nothing massive. The higher in sugars the closer to two hours because they can make me a trifle sluggish immediately after eating.

Probably more important to me is being hydrated.


I drink Plazma while I workout. Doesn’t really matter to me if I eat before or not. I used to lift right before dinner. Now I do it right after. Performance is the same.


Relatively empty stomach + strong black coffee


[quote]outlaws wrote:
Relatively empty stomach + strong black coffee [/quote]
Coffee while working out is ahmazing


Something light like some cottage cheese or a sandwich an hour before I workout. Coffee.


I’ve gotta have a big meal within an hour before squatting, or I feel like shit.
I cannot have a big meal within an hour before deadlifting, or I feel like shit.

I have never figured out why I react so differently based on the exercise, but that’s me.


Well everyone is different, it depends on your metabolism and bodily functions or whatever. I would say that if your body is used to training in the day time after 2 meals and then you switch it up all of a sudden things might get confusing.

My body is really used to eating every 2 hours so I start to get hungry if I don’t eat at the usual schedule, but if I decide to change it up, it usually takes about a week for things to start feeling right.

Personally I have to eat at least 3 meals before training, just feels wrong otherwise and energy levels go down if I don’t so I always eat something carb heavy about an hour before and then BCAAs during and after, then another carb/protein heavy meal right after.


empty stomach but loaded up on a ton of nutrition based workout supps -aminos, karbolyn, glutamine etc


I can function fine fasted for training sessions that are high intensity/low volume. I’ve even hit all time PR’s fasted before. Once I add in volume though I definitely need carbs in me


I can’t eat anything substantial less than two hours before lifting, end up burping the whole way through and that regurgitation feeling doesn’t let me focus as much as I’d like.


oatmeal 60-90 min prior is the best for me

tons of energy and not too bloated