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How Do You Like To Get Screwed?


Do you like to take it from the rich elite that represent "Main Street", or do you like to take it from the other competing rich elite that represents "Wall Street"?

Wall Street bids up prices, increasing substancial profits and zooming the value of industrialist's property, while the industrialists smooch profits from their labor force, without which there is no finance capital. Capitalism! Gotta love it.

Do the rich keep getting richer? Well, as long as the poor man keeps saying "yes master", then I guess they will. They still have you believing, you actually voted in an uncontrolled election and the people have a say. No, we're not naive ...were Americans!

Which is worse? The republican who tells you he's going to screw you to stay on top, or the democrat who deceives you and conceeds every once in a while to make it seem like he's done screwing you ...only to get poked over and over again. I don't know! Does anticipation of pain rate higher or lower on your pain scale, compared to a never-ending rearend rape which you may get used to?

The rich politician holds your head under water so the pretty girl only notices him as she walks by the hot tub. The difference is, the republican will hold your head under there until you drown; but he convinced you that this is a common sense thing to do and you will be rewarded with omnibenevolence, while the democrat will taticly conceed and let you up for air making himself seem like he was mercyful.

Same priority! Different tactic! As long as you're naive enough to believe you will be rewarded and protected by letting this person dunk you, he has you by the balls.

I wonder if a lawyer like John Edwards would even give you a reach around as a courtesy concession for the $30,000,000.00 he's now worth.

A mighty web spun of lies & lawsuits, maybe the financial industry should get the reach around. I don't think you'd even get a tickle for your balls, his hipocricy flaunts multiple SUV's parked outside his $3,100,000.00 mansion. Yeah Baby! That's representing all right.

I'm amazed that the two competing parties; for your money, have so effectivly brainwashed you into believing there is a fundamental difference between them. I mean ...who would have ever thought the Democrats would take Wall Street under their wing anyway, arn't they supposed to deceive you by representing the "little man"? Well maybe, at least they do on stage and in public.

In the real world, the rich elite know just how much pressure they're applying to your head as they step on it to keep themselves atop the wall of illusion. At least both parties are playing the same game and arguing over tactics. They never get beat up. The audience is left to judge who walked all over them the best to get to the stage above.

Their show has still convinced you to vote for them and you cast in everytime, pick your lessor of two evils. If you weren't slaved by ignorance, you'd have already realized you just cast a vote for more evil. After all you never really came out of the anal stages, why would you ever want to change that?