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How Do You Like EDT?

I got this pretty cool book for christmas called “Muscle Logic: Escalating Density Training” By Charles Staley…I just started reading it. It seems pretty cool…it talks about doing sessions in timed sessions. And alot of differenct stuff. If anyones tried it, tell me how you liked it.

Its great tons of info here on it and Charles writes here. do both a search of thread I have one and many others do as well. Also look at Charles stuff go to the library abnd do an Author search for him youll have more than enough info. I would say go for it it is a solid program.

Although I havn’t tried it, it’s on my list of prgrams to try. I plan on uysing it during the monthes leading up to my contest.

A lot of people in this thread mentioned it.


Its a solid program.

It works wonders. I did EDT for arms about a year ago - and it was incredible. One caveat: Do EXACTLY what Coach Staley tells you to do. Failure to do so can lead to more soreness that you can imagine, and growth wil suffer.

Two thumbs up!!!

Well I finished reading his book and Im left with some unanswered questions. It stated in the beginning of the book that I would go into a PR zone knowing exactly what my goals were, yet later in the book when it shows you the different exercises to do for each PR zone…it doesnt tell me how many reps and sets up of it i should be finishing in that PR zone. Arent I supposed to know that…so the next time I do that session and I break a certain number of reps in the course of the PR zone…then I add 5lbs or 5%(whichever is less) to that particular exercise? Also…I’m supposed to be doing 5x5 at like 75% of my 1RM correct?

Your first PR Zone will be the base line for all the rest.

Write down total number of reps completed in the PR zone. Next time - you try to beat that number.

You need to lose the concept of sets.

Oh I see…I also have one more question…Since I work out at home and Im somewhat limited to the exercises I can do, can I substitute certain exercises. Basically, what im trying to ask is, does the effectiveness in EDT lie in the concept of PR zones…or a combination of that and the exercises Staley illustrates in the book?

Also…Today was a day I was supposed to work out my chest,triceps, and shoulders on my previous workout schedule…now that I wanna use PR zones and antogonist exercises…does this sound good:
First PR Zone:
A1: Flat Bench Press
A2: Bent Over Barbell Rows

Second PR Zone:
B1: Barbell Curls
B2: Skull Crushers


Update…Today I did my first EDT session. Since Charles said that EDT can be modified…I decided to do just that. Instead of working antagonistic muscle groups I decided to do PR zones with muscle groups that work together. I have been training like that for the past couple months…so i figured it would just be easier to incooperate that type of training into PR zones. So basically i have a hybrid…my program is the combination of Charles Staley’s EDT concept (2 15 minute PR zones)…but instead of antagonistic muscle groups…I work only the muscle groups that work together. This is how I did it today:
1st PR Zone:
A1: Flat Bench Press
A2: Shoulder Press

2nd PR Zone:
A1: Dumbbell Flyes
A2: Close-Grip Bench Press

I did around 50 reps…give or take a few for each exercise in each PR zone. It was by far the most active, intense, goal oriented session I’ve ever had. I plan to do this 3-4 times a week for each muscle group (back andbiceps, and legs)

Yup that looks good.

All you need is a Barbell and some gumption. try and stick to compounds and go with the concept it will fit you in a very short time.