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How Do You Lift?


i'd like to know

1-the kind of training that u're into (maximum strength, hypertrophy, ripping...)

2-an example of ur schedule (set x reps ,rest etc)

3-tons do u lift on the average

personally i'm in a strength/hypertrophy hibrid training

deadlift 5x5
miltary press 5x5
pull-ups 5x5
+2-3 complementar exercise 3x10-8

on the light day i lift 8.500kg- on the heavy one 11.500



Based on what you wrote, I'd be surprised as hell if anyone knows what you are talking about.


Beebuddy that AV is disgusting man!

I don't know any totals, I could work them out... but I really don't care :D.

I train for strength mainly.

Just got back from holidays so training a little different than usual. Doing more sets and more reps until I get more back into it.

Push ups. 2 sets of max reps. 1min rest between.
DB Shrugs. 2 sets of 30kgs for 12+ reps.
Stand. Ext. R. 2 sets of 7.5kgs for 15+
Calf Pr. 2 sets of 240kg for 12+
Leg Press. 2 sets of 350kg for 10+
Seated Row. 2 sets of 100kg for 10+
Inc. DB Pr 2 set of 30kg for 10+ supersetted w/ cable pr. 35kg for 9reps.
Standing Single Arm DB Curl 2 sets of22.5kg for 5+ supersetted w/Conc Curl. 12.5kg for 12+
And finally, 1 more set of push ups.

I feel pretty blasted after this session. I do it every 2-3 days, after another week or when I feel like it, I'll move to something a bit lower on the volume with more advanced movement choices like front squats, deadlifts, cleans etc.


ME Bench on Monday work up to a single or tripe on my main movement

ME squat on Tues. work up to a single
DE bench on thurs.8x3 on main
DE squat on fri. 10x2 on box squats.

tonnage? don't care, as long as my lifts are going up.


Push Pull is a nice base for me.
I try something different every 6 months...

But I all ways seem to gravitate back to it...

It's so simple even a caveman can do it...


Twenty rep squats + pullovers have helped me add a lot of quality mass and size. The total body training done three times a week is perfect for my schedule. I also reaped the benefits from the small amount of total exercises, making it easy to focus improve several major lifts.

I was doing:

  1. One Arm Row: 3x10
  2. Squat: 1x20 (Went from 185 lbs to 225 lbs in a month)
  3. Pullover: 1x20 (Straight arm and deep breaths)
  4. Romanian Deadlift: 1x15
  5. Incline Bench Press: 3x8 and increasing weights using the 5% method.

Did I mention that I ate a lot?

Now I'm shifting to focus on conventional deadlifts.

Right now I'm trying to decide between doing total body or push/pull. I'm not too worried though because I know I'll grow either way provided I lift/sleep/eat/sex hard enough.


Here's what I did last week. I'll be switching things up next week, cutting down on total movements per session where needed.

Sunday, ME Bench:
A1. Flat Bench: 9 singles over 90%

Monday, Upper Assistance:
A1. One Arm DB Press: 6sets x 3 reps/side
B1. Chest Supported Row: 6ish sets x 5-6
C1. Prone Trap Raises: 3 x 12
C2. Hammer Curls: 3 x 5
D1. Neck Machine: 3 x 12-15

Wednesday, ME Deads (how fitting a term):
A1. Conv. Deads: 9 singles over 90%
B1. BB Rev. Lunges, Front Squat Grip: 4 x 8/side
B2. DB Suitcase Deadlifts: 4 x 10/side
C1. Neck Machine: 3 x 15

Thursday, RE Upper
A1. Incline DB Press: 55s x max reps
B1. Lat Pulldowns: 4 x 10
B2. Seated DB Cleans: 4 x 10
C1. Rope Pushdowns: 3 x reps
C2. Rope Curls: 3 x reps
C3. DB Lateral Raises: 3 x reps
D1. Neck Machine: 3 x 10

Saturday, ?E Lower
A1. Front Squats: Eleventy x 3
B1. Neck Machine: 4 x 12


Right now I am doing the Extended Russian Squat Program from Joe Skopec's website.

I typically base my program around the big five with emphasis on Oly lifting.


I train for strength and dare I say it 'function'. Working around injuries, I want to be strong and healthy.

Yesterday I slammed the tire with the sledgehammer a few times each side then dragged it with another 40kg's attached up and down the driveway 4 times. I repeated that 2 more times .

Then I swung my 20kg kettlebell 12 times then grabbed the tornado ball and smacked that left and right a bunch of times. I did that 3 times.

I then grabbed my sandbag and did squats with it on my left shoulder, then on my right. Supersetting that with sandbag push presses, I repeated that 2 more times.

After that I grabbed my abwheel and did a few sets of rollouts.

Other days I'll train in the gym doing presses and chinups, but my workout changes all the time. probably not ideal, but keeps me interested.

No idea what weight totals and don't really care.


Right now I am doing a 5 day schedule from Charles Poliquin
day one on
day two on
day three off
day four on
day five off

Day one is chest and back superseted 5x5 flat bench with weighted pullups.

day 2 is arms from the "Winning the arms race" By Charles Poliquin. I am in phase 1 that is his double tri sets. Pretty brutal skull crushers and CGBP, and reverse curls and Zottmann curls.

Day 4 is twenty rep squats! With Romainian deadlifts or Dimel Deadlifts. Followed by heavy shrugs in the power rack.

After six weeks on this I will switch the heavy chest and back work to something higher rep. The arms program will call for maximum weights so there I will be focusing on strength. I will keep legs the same and milk the 20 rep squats for all I can.

I am also considering forgoing the bench and replacing flat bench with standing overhead pressing.




i train mainly for muscle mass and i train with high volume. basically loads of sets and reps. I usually train five days a week but i'm only doing three days a week right now. this is my routine right now:

5 sets of 30 pushups
5 sets of 20 pullups
5 sets of 20 dips
5 sets of 20 pullups
5 sets of 20 dips
5 sets of 30 pushups
5 sets of 50 bodyweight squats
(The dips are the parallel bar ones. Not the floor dips or chair dips.)

5 sets of 30 pushups
5 sets of 20 pullups
5 sets of 20 dips
5 sets of 20 lateral raises
5 sets of 20 front raises
5 sets of 20 bent over raises
5 sets of 20 dumbell military presses
5 sets of 20 barbell shoulder presses
5 sets of 20 behind the neck barbell shoulder presses
5 sets of 50 bodyweight squats

5 sets of 30 pushups
5 sets of 20 pullups
5 sets of 20 dips
5 sets of 20 dumbell curls
5 sets of 20 barbell curls
5 sets of 20 concentration curls
5 sets of 20 tricep kickbacks
5 sets of 20 tricep raises
5 sets of 50 bodyweight squats

As you can tell, i don't care much about lifting real heavy or high intensity and low reps. All i care about is how i look, and loads of volume has always worked best for me.


Personally, I look at muscle built in any other way than increasing strength temporary. Of course there are exceptions, but at least lifting mainly for strength I know what I've got.


Front Squat off pins out of the hole

work up to 3 sets of 6

Overhead Press
Work up to 3 sets of 6

Power Clean
work up to 3 sets of 5

Inverted Row

3 sets to failure or adding weight not going over 12 reps


Back Squat


Bench Press



Work up to a max set of 5 or 6 reps


3x fail 3/4 weeks pronated 3/4 weeks supinated


I don't think that this kind of wo is the best for get some mass.. it's only a good circuit training, good for loose some fat via gh stimulation..


well we all have our opinions. i have lifted heavy but didn't grow as big as the way i lift now. It might not be best for you to get mass but it works for me and thats all i care about


I would say that routine looks ridiculous, long and can't imagine it adding mass, but hell if it's working than more power to you. Must take a while to get through a workout?


I've been doing this all summer:



This is my bastard-bodybuilding version of a Bill Starr routine.

I train three times a week.

Pull = Deadlifts, Rows or Pull Downs.

Push = Incline Barbell, Dumb Bench or OHP.

Squats = Back squats or Leg Press.