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How do you know?

Maybe you can answer this Pugs. If a guy is pretty fat how can he tell whether or not he has gyno or if just needs to drop some more pounds?

The best way would be to lose the fat and when you get around 10-12% bodyfat you should know.

Well first of all, Gyno usually looks different that just a fat chest at least mine did. Itll look more pointy than saggy if you have it bad. Just fat on the chest would usually make it saggy but with gyno it make it stick straight out. Also puffy big nipples that look swollen can be a sign. You can sometimes Palpate (feel) For gyno, itll feel kinda like a hard mass underneath the nipple, but this is highly independent of the person, everyone is different. Go to Plasticsurgery4u.com and check out all thos pics and compare yourself to them, and that can give you a good idea. But the best idea to find out is to go see a good( and I stress the word good) Plastic surgeon and they can usually tell what type of mass it is by feeling it. Any other questions just ask man.


BTW losing weight IS another option to find out but it would be rather disheartening for most to do so thats why I think seeing a PS is a better option. What i mean by this is you could be 12 months losing all that weight juts to find out you have gyno and get off track because you are disheartened by having it and this could screw up your motivation really bad(trust me I know ) and then you could end up messing up all the work you have done.

Also if you have it its very disheartening to be losing weight but your chest doesnt look any different cause of the gyno, and you end up losing 20 pounds but still have big boobs even though the rest of your body has gotten smaller. That Is VERY disheartening , Thats why I think you should see A PS first and foremost.


Pinch your nipples. No joke just pinch them. If they are abnormally tender you might have GYNO. Only really a Doc can tell though. I believe they use something to actually take a look for the tissue. I think it might be an ultrasound but I’m not sure. A lot of guys lost sleep thinking the fat on their chest was GYNO when it wasn’t. Most people don’t get it. Only the genetically predisposed and those who do their cycles without proper precautions usually have to worry. If you are predisposed towards it use something like M from biotest to help keep it at bay. You might have to use a supplment like this for life. Also, if you do have excessive body fat, getting rid of it (getting down around 12% BF) can help prevent it as well since more free test is about when you are leaner.

Thanks guys.

I’ll see what I can do.

Oh yeah, Pugs, when you had your surgery, was it covered by your insurance? Which carrier do/did you have?

No it wasn’t, and next to none are covered, id say 5% are covered by insurance, and thats only cause the kids mother took it to court saying it was not cosmetic and she cited how distressed and emotional it makes young boys. some docs do accept insurance but most don’t cause they just don’t pay enough to the doc, you would be very lucky to get it covered. Also if your in the Va area check out Dr Bermant, he’s at that site I Gave you. Also make sure the doctor that does it just doeant do liposuction cause if he doesn’t remove the actual breast tissue then all you’ll have is a defatted chest with puffy nipples. And Make sure you research your doc and research whats hes gonna do to you and make sure you understand everything. Again Check out Bermant if you can, Id say he does a good Majority of gyno surgeries in the east. And he does an excellant Job too! I highly reccomend him.


Well, i guess I’ll just have to drop some bodyfat and hope it’s my imagination, cuz I’m too po’ to afford any surgery with insurance coverage. Unfortunately, I’m way out here in Arizona, so I guess I’ll have to Mexico for surgery and hope they don’t give me breast enlargement and a third leg, or something.

Slap: please tell me you are joking… ill come down there and slap you silly if your serious, don’t even think about it bro you are just asking for trouble.


Pug is there any correlation between men who tend to get GYNO? I was wondering about a certain hormonal profile etc. Can it be determined that you might get it based on physical comparison to brothers, if you have any? I’m asking because no one in my family has it at all. As far as I can tell I don’t and never will have it. Can men make these observations and take care of it before it’s a problem?

I’ve been told that there is also a condition called pseudo-gyno. Basically, it’s caused by the “apearance” of gyno, but is purely due to obesity, some forms of drug abuse, and other conditions. It’s “pseudo” because there really isn’t breast tissue there and it is completely reversible w/o surgery. This is what I think I had. I was very obese before I started training and had what looked like gyno. After dropping seventy pounds, I’ve lost six inches off my chest (and almost ten off my waist). Just my experience.

Hehe, don’t worry Pugs, I was kidding. I attack situations with humor.

I doubt I have that pseudo-gyno thing, as my chest actually started looking worse after I dropped about 25 pounds.

Or maybe it’s all in my head.