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How Do You Know If Your Femurs Are "Long"?

I’ve seen some stuff on youtube about measuring femur and tibia. So, I tried it. Femur was 20’’, and tibia was 16".

Is there a standard measurement that experienced coaches use to determine if a femur is long or short?

Most experienced coaches can eyeball it and tell


I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I wonder how many big/ strong folks can find their femurs?

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To what end? Like, why?

Like Bulldog said, it’s a mostly visual thing, judging their length relative to the lifter’s height. I don’t doubt that some neurotic/gimmicky coaches are literally taking measurements and diagnostics to give the illusion of a super-individualized program, but that’s certainly few and far between.

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Fuck, wait there, I’ve got an e-book to write.

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I’ll ignore all the value statements and repost this just to help answer the question

Tibia/Femur ratio

Short tibia = 75-78% of femur (or less)
Average tibia = 79-84% of femur
Long tibia = 85%+ of femur

Source: CT

Presumably you can infer if your femurs are long if your tibias are short