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how do you know if you spend too much time thinking about training?

for me the realisation that I’ve been thinking too much about training occured the other day, when a new girl was undressing for sex before me and I complimented her: ‘nice quads’. (she really had high definition well developed quads, must have been squatting alot).

Nice post Nick. For me, it’s when I think so hard about training I get too tired to train. I hate that.

nick sensational work - a similar problem that i have is making remarks like “wow your glutes are looking great but the gluteal fold is starting to lose its distinction” when in certain positions or "nice hamstrings but you should prolly work on your calves a little more…

Well, noticing something about her body is not really thinking directly about training, but I see what you mean. Just try to enjoy the moment at hand, and forget about training for awhile.

Funny that this should come up. I was snowboarding today and my legs were really starting to get tired. I then started thinking about how my front leg was more tired, and then started worrying about developing muscular imbalances from riding! Ah well, it was a shitload of fun anyways.

I have that problem also. When I lie down to go to sleep at night I start tinking about all the programs I want to do in the future or how I can improve the program I am currently doing etc. Sometimes this makes it really hard to get to sleep. I think we are obsessed.
:slight_smile: groove

That is fookin’ hilarious.

When I’m at work (at a restaraunt) And I’m deciding whether eating a piece of bread with olive oil is going to make the veins in my forearm dissappear.

Nick – I think what you said wasn’t so much thinking about training as appreciating the work that goes into looking good.

Horace – that’s borderline neurotic.

I think if while in the middle of your “Trist” you suddenly think, “I wonder if I can apply EDT to my lovemaking” Or if you PRE-prepare a Protein drink ahead of time, to replace the protein you just expended, so that you can down it RIGHT after…You might Be a thinking about your training to much.

Kind of sounds like "You know your a “MuscleHead if…”

LOL! Oh man, that’s the worst! I spend my entire day thinking of training and always look forward to my workout in the evening. I even find ways to get a workout doing everyday normal things like carrying the groceries (farmer’s walks, curls, etc.) or trying to work on unilateral movements or balance issues. I also sit on a swiss ball as a chair at work. And every once in a while, I bust out some crunches or pushups or something. I need to make my obsession a career. Renegade for life!

When it comes time for the test in my stats class and I realize I have no idea what’s going on because I spent every class period in the las month trying to think up new routines.

Mine isn’t so much training as it is recovery. It was my friends birthday so we went to a club to celebrate. Knowing that I’d be there from 22:00 till 04:00, I would be fasting for way too long.

1. Made my protein shake in the car while my friends got out, and gulped it down at 21:50.

2. Brought along 2x30g protein bars to keep nutritional intake consistent (hid one in each shoe, otherwise the bouncer's would confiscate them).

3. Dance ONLY if there is a hot chic nearby or if I really like the song, otherwise I would be performing too much cardio, and depleting my muscle glycogen stores.

4. Drink nothing but water all night to keep your body hydrated. Make another MRP shake as soon as you run back to your car.

Due to my over expenditure in excercise that night, I postponed my gym session till the day after since I wouldn't be overtraing, but under recuperating...I'm REALLY sad!!

L_O_W_R_I_D_E_R: That’s not sad at all, it just shows hardcore dedication to the sport. Respect!

I think everyone (DDD thread) on the T/N board has me beat.lol. – L_O_W_R_I_D_E_R

I find myself debating the day’s upcoming workout while in Sunday morning church. Sets, exercises, ect. God, forgive me! The last date I went on, I whipped out a…protien shake and chugged it right in front of my date. Funny though. She never called back :(. I’m not missing a meal for no woman!

Haha. Great stuff. I’ve done the same sort of things with fighting/grappling.

I never let my girl get two underhooks when we’re hugging!