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How Do You Increase Weight on a Continuous Ramp?

Hey CT. I was wondering how to increase the weight on a continuous ramp. I am following the Zombie Apocalypse workout and really like it. But with the added intensity of working the same muscles for so many sets: say the “behind the neck press” to the “military press” to the “push press”, I was not sure how to add weight safely to continuously challenge my muscles.

So should I add weight to the behind-the-neck press first, and after I get comfortable with that, then add more weight to the military press, and finally the push press. Or should I add weight to the push press first and then work my way back to the behind-the-neck press? Or perhaps I should add reps to the presses first, and then add weight, etc.

Any suggestions? Thanks so much for designing these great programs.

A continuous ramp is performed in such a way that the weight is chosen by your performance. The article explains it rather clearly but you start with a weight about 60% of your 1RM and add weight until 5 reps is tough (but not a failure). Then you keep that weight to start the next exercise and add weight on subsequent sets. The only weight you “choose” is the starting weight and it’s not that important as you can adjust for it in the subsequent sets. You’ll get a feel for how much to start with pretty quickly. If you can’t fit 5 sets with increasing weight before failing, start lighter. If the sets are easy make bigger jumps in weight or start heavier next time, etc.