How Do You Increase Push-Ups?

i was wondering what i should do to be able to do more push-ups. do reps of 15 or something like that? or just do them until i cant do any at all? or please gimme ideas

Google “Stew Smith.”

This article just got posted, it might help you out:

There is a section on pushups.

At the end of every workout, do a max set of pushups.

Every time, strive to do just one more.

Do this for a month, then come back and tell us how much they’ve gone up.

Trust me, it works man.

Yeah, irish is correct. Just do more push ups in volume to failure. Same goes with almost any fixed weight movement.


Just do pushups man…lol.

I mean, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Try greasing the groove.

By that I mean, if you’re on the comp right now, maybe studying and posting.

And you go brain dead when reading.

Do 10-15 pushups real quick, and then get back to what you’re doing.

Get off school, just walked in the door?

Do as many pushups as possible.

Just make doing pushup sets as usual and random as getting up and walking.

I don’t know what to tell you, there’s not magic formula, I just do that.

losing weight will help a lot also