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How do you increase flexibilty in overhead and front squats?

What can you do to improve shoulder girdle flexibility in the OH squat?

Also what can you do to improve flexibility for racking the bar during olympic front squats?

For OH SQ, do shoulder dislocates with a bar, band, or whatever. Work on narrowing the distance between hands.

For rack flexibility, put a bar in a sq rack, step into it like you’re going to do a back squat. Don’t unwrack the bar. Rotate both elbows up & in. Have someone push your elbows up for ya. Also, stretch your wrists a lot.

I’m not an authority. So don’t trust me.


thanks for the tips. But i meant for front squats not back squats.

The tip is for front squats.

I find it helpful to put the bar on my shoulders BEHIND me when rotating my elbows upward & doing that stretch. You could do it with the bar in front of you too, but I end up lifting the weight that way.


Yeh that makes sense. Thanks for clarification.

don’t use too narrow a grip either on frontsquats

I find lowering miltary presses onto the chest but keeping the elbows slightly forward helps stretching the frontal shoulder/chest area

  1. Broomstick dislocates.

  2. Stretch your lats.