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How Do You Homebrew Painless?


If a concentration of BA is to high and causing pain, what is the solution with homebrew. All recipes seem to ask for the 2%BA and 20%BB. The only home brew I have done that didnt hurt was a finiplex conversion with no BA or BB just oil (Bill ROBERTS VERSION/ NO HEAT). My store bought TRT test C is painless. Before my home brewing I didnt mind injecting. I have push pins ED with the short half lives of what I am using. And before anyone asks I do fiter .22.

From powder can you make test P, test E or Tren A without BA????
Do you just dilute with sterile oil? I hear some talk of cooking the BA out of the solution? Is this possible?

I am sorry this is so wordy I just get pissed when my quads and glutes hurt the whole time I am on.

I have also posted this question in the sticky.


What are your recipes? Nothing I ever brew ever hurts at all, including test prop at 100mg/ml using 2/20 BA/BB, soybean oil, and a .22 whatman. I cannot see any reason at all for your homebrews to be giving you pain at only a 2% concentration of BA. That's an excellent concentration, in my opinion.

I would not recommend making any of the above without BA nor should it ever be necessary.

And no, you will not cook the BA out of solution.

Anyway there's a good reason that BA is in there.

Couple of questions:

What kind of filtration system are you using?

On a level of 1 to 10, one being only the mildest soreness, ten being crippling pain that prevents movement, sleep, and aspects of regular life, where are you? Typical UGL mulekick crap will probably have you at a 5, but dirty gear will put you somewhere between 8 and 10, often accompanied by flu-like symptoms. I typically find that when I have real problems it is usually a filtration issue, and never anything else. This can be solved by a second filtration.

What kind of oil are you using? Perhaps you are having a reaction to that?

I really do NOT think that your problem is the BA content, unless your body just happens to have a particular unfortunate negative reaction to BA.



Will you send me an email?




agreed you should not have pain issues at a 2:20 ratio and pretty much everything will go into solution nicely at that amount. something else is causing the problem.


Cortes I am using a Watman .22 and organic grape seed oil- the green stuff. On a scale from what you describe I would say a 5. It hurts enough in the theigh area that sometimes I have to skip leg workouts. Thanks for your input I dont know if it would be the oil reaction because my finiplex conversion didnt give me any issues with the same oil.


I like grapeseed oil, and have often used it myself. .22 is a given, of course.

Okay, next question: Do you inject your TRT test cyp in the same location (thigh?)? Because this site is notorious for post-injection pain. I avoid it for the most part, myself, except when shooting peptides. As painless as my prop is everywhere else, it still gives me significant soreness if I inject it into the vastus lateralis. (Now I see you mentioned glute, as well...)

If you already do use that site, are you now injecting a significantly higher volume there?

If you are still having problems, it is possible that there was some problem with the filtration of your first batch. Sometimes, as I said above, a second filtration will take care of everything. I occasionally wonder if the "sterile vials" we purchase are really sterile, because there have been a couple of times I was fucking positive that I did everything right and that gear was some of the most painful shit ever. Re-filtration into new vials solved the problem, though ostensibly it should not have been an issue in the first place.

Also, just out of curiosity did you edit the original post? Seems like there's stuff in there that wasn't there when I first posted.


Wow Cortes I think you were spot on. I thought I had done everything correct also. I used a 3cc syringe instead of a 10CC both times. It want alot faster. Maybe too fast, because if you look at the picture the vial on the left was what I was using. I drew everything out of that vial and re filtered it this morning.

The vial on the far right is after the second filtration. The vial in the middle is a unfiltered vial. The empty vial has alot of sediment in it. The middle vial is very cloudy(filtered once) and the vial on the right is much more clear(filtered twice). I dont know if the pictures do this justice, but it cleared up alot on the second time.

One thing I was wondering is if you filter when the mixture is real hot/ warm will that affect the filtration?

I will post pictures in a moment/ computer issues now


here is the picture


OK any idea why the picture will not work?


Without looking at any picture, I can say without 99.99% confidence that your next injection should drop down significantly on the pain scale. If you can actually see the cloudiness in the gear, it is almost guaranteed to cause pain.

Glad we could get to the bottom of this! Please update us and let us know how it feels the day after injecting it.


Aside from plain old efficiency and the "I don't have to do near as much" factor, this is one of the main reasons I switched to bottle-top filters, and will now only use syringe filters in an emergency. There are just too many instances of filters rupturing, and they rupture too easily. With a bottle-top, you have more control over this, and can afford to be more patient.


Another try


Nice job, Cortes. I can't believe you helped someone, you usually just yell at them because you're jealous of them...

; )


I know, the steroid forum is a such a shark tank, it's a wonder any of us ever get around to giving any real advice around here, right? :wink:


Cortes do you think the gear was crashing in the muscle? I don't think the filtering could fix that though. Or was the cloudiness due to contamination? In your opinion.


dirty empty vial-filtered once vial-filtered twice vial


I am interested how this bottle filtration works. Do you just pour the product in and it filters on its own like a coffee maker filter? What brand and were do you get these? You have been a live saver Cortes because no pian today like I have been experiencing. It still aches for the first hour after a shot. But I did squats today with no problems whatso ever. I need to refilter the rest of my stuff The picture really does not show how dirty the empty vial is.


I am curious, as well. I see whatman makes a 'bottle top filter' but still can't figure out how it works. haha


My guess is that it's contamination. Look at that yucky looking vial and cloudy gear next to the fine specimen on the right. Crazy, eh?

I agree with you. The gear should go into solution and stay without any filtration whatsoever. The sole purpose of filtration is to remove pathogens and other bad critters and dirty stuff from your oil before injecting it deep within your muscle. Looking at that gear, I'm actually surprised that you were at a 5 and not an 8 or 9, Ikimura. Damn.