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How Do You Guys Get Enough Protein?


Cow testicles are an anabolic as rooster eggs.


Rooster eggs ain’t got nada on duck eggs. Anabolic duck eggs gonna cost big though…


I…I can’t tell if we aren’t getting each other’s jokes…


I can’t even tell if you mean we are, or we are not…

Hah. I just realized… Is “cow” assumed to be female?

I’ll say this -rooster eggs can be real in a world of Trenducken eggs…


You’re really questioning whether or not a guy with a screen name of PUNNYguy got the joke?!


Is trenducken turducken prepared by Mariusz Pudzianowski?


Serious question now, you’ve heard of the famous gazillion dollar duck eggs Mike O’Hearn apparently tried to sell as an anabolic agent of some sort?


How else does 'Da Pudz get enough protein?

edit: ^^back on topic, very important




The fact that my most current reference of folks is Mariusz should show you how up to date I am with these internet Mr. Wonderfuls, haha. I don’t know how Mike is.


Mark Bell is a best bud of his, pimps him too much imo. I realized I knew Mike O’Hearn from his American Gladiator days. I don’t follow internet Mr. Wonderfuls either.

I confess that I was watching “live” on TV when Franco Colombu broke his leg in the refrigerator on the back race during a strongman contest. I’m pretty dated.


Trenducken is the coup de grace on top of the Dianaburger.


Too complicated.

Dianaburgers, a couple slices of trenmato, a slab of rogaine lettuce, and a dab of masteronaise.

Maybe a slice of propalone if you like cheese.


I just want to say that yesterday I accidentally dropped two work puns that were very well received.

I told a data guy that I better be careful because if someone saw us then I’d be guilty by association. I said excellent to a finance guy and I don’t know if it was the context of the situation or i said it funny but he heard “Excel-lent”.

I didn’t intend these, I didn’t even get the data one (had to google later) but I still claimed the credit.



Sorry. But seriously, 180 grams of protein a day isn’t hard. Couple of chicken breasts or beef steaks at about 250 grams each, 150 grams of oats and a half litre of milk and that’s within 25 grams either side (155 if you’re having beef rump, 190 if it’s chicken breast).


Add a blended digestive enzyme 30 minutes before larger meals and that will help a ton. Also take a probiotic and Metamucil in the evenings. I have 250-75 grams every day and go every morning like clockwork and again after breakfast. TMI I know.


Eating it is the easy part. Preparing it is a never-ending struggle!


Reminds me of Brian Shaw. Throws fucking ribeyes in the mincer. I die a bit every time I see that lol


Can confirm SteakLyf best life. By the time you’ve wolfed down a perfectly grilled rib eye and a shake you realise you’ve hit protein for the day


im on 3.3gr/kg protein diet, i am 100kg, so 330gr of pure protein per day. its more than 1kg of chicken brest every day!. for me, the solution its liquid. liquid pasteurized eggs and egg whites, kefir of skimmed milk.