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How Do You Guys Get Enough Protein?


Agree 100% here. My cholesterol went down after I incorporated ground Flax Seed in my shakes on a daily basis.


250g of 70% lean ground beef only has 35 g of protein. You would have to eat 5.5lbs of ground beef to get 250 g of protein. I say again ((( Yuck ))) haha


I went on keto for bout 9 weeks. Talk about jacking your lipids!!! My ldl more than doubled! I was taking in plenty of omega 3s (salmon and cod and such) and even supplementing 2g a day but maybe it still wasn’t enough. I recently went back off keto and saturated fats scare the shit out of me now, but then again my family has a history of heart disease. I stay away from cheeses and shit now, and ground beef, unless it’s a cheat meal. I also upped my omega 3 supps to 4g a day.


Why would you eat 70% lean?


I have oatmeal every morning and 3 to 4 sweet potatoes a day will do the trick. Oh I’m very regular like twice a day without fail.


Typically it’s 5-10% fat beef, depending how spendy I’m feeling, so 12.5g-25g per meal, plus olive oil and, in this example, avocado.


I’m eating 95% lean… I don’t think you can even buy 70% lean in the UK, not in typical supermarkets anyway. So 77.5g protein per meal. Wow that’s more than I thought actually.


Where do you even get 70% lean ground beef? Untrimmed full fat ground beef is about 73/27. So you shop at a place where they add fat trimmed from other cuts back into the ground beef?


I personally struggle with getting 1g per lbs. I’m 190 and usually eat 80-100g of protein, but I’ve been creeping my way into 130ish g lately. I mean I’d probably have to eat 2lbs of meat daily, and that’ll just get me around 160g


Haha lighting is deceiving, I only weigh 195ish at the moment. I’m leanish now, but this is as high as my carbs ever go. If I’m cutting I’d be at 2100-2200 Cal’s and either be keto or carb cycling 50-150 depending on what I’m training.


I don’t eat hamburger. Yuck. That shit can have meat from a 100 different cows. Cows that are sick, been given steriods and growth hormones and antibiotics. ((( No thank you ))) I only buy and eat steak I can identify. I don’t have a problem with the cost of good food its the price one pays for better health.


I just google protein in ground beef and 70% came up.
I don’t know anything about that shit other than I don’t buy or eat it.
That is what poor people eat in america when they can’t afford real steak.


I guess I’m one of those poor people, because I’ll eat the hell out of some hamburgers, or meat loaf, or lasagna with ground beef and sausage. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some steak too, I’ll be grilling ribeye at work tonight.


I think it was your lack of knowledge in this area that drove the issue then. If you look up the nutrition on 90% lean ground beef, much better protein to fat ratio. I can buy 93% where I’m at.


You sound like a great guy


Because I don’t like ground meat? How its made or whats in it. OK whatever.


I imagine it’s because you said it was what poor people eat when they can’t afford steak.


OK I get it sorry if I offend anyone.
If I have a recipe for ground beef this is what I do. I buy a piece of meat I can identify and run it thru a meat grinder. Now I know there is no lips snouts private parts gound in with the steak.

And if you prepare your meals that way you to can have abs of steel like me.



More lips, snouts and private parts for me.


If this was the flame free confession thread, I would say that I pay $9 to $10 per lb for my organic grass fed ground beef, packaged from one cow only, hopefully including testicles if any…

I would also say that I pay to eat pig ears in restaurants. For cows I pay for tongue.

But fair warning to all: never, ever, eat fermented shark from Iceland.