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How Do You Guys Get Enough Protein?


One big on little per day. On average


Geez I hope some of you guys are keeping a very close watch on your lipids! Lmao!!

I never had too hard of a time getting enough protein just including nuts, chicken, and fish (cod / talapia / tuna) 2-3 times a day, along with at least 2 protein shakes a day.

For issue number 2, or should I say the issue with number 2…Fiber, WATER (and lots of it), and a good amount of high quality fats keep the bowels “slippery” (for lack of a better term). I usually go 2-3 times a day. Every once in a while it’ll skip a day, but then the next day I’ll have one of those “damn my pants fit better now!” sessions.


Eat plenty of fibrous vegetables and fruit. Take your weight in kilos, multiply by 10. That’s a good target for the number of grams of vegetables to consume everyday. So, if you weigh 90 kilos that’s 900 grams of vegetables a day.

Including pro- and prebiotics also help. Kimchi, yoghurt etcetera.


Great point! I forgot to include this! Lol


I appreciate this thread. My problem isn’t getting enough protein. It’s getting too much. I always get way more than 1g per lbs.


Good point. When I’m not paying attention, I use “more protein” as an excuse to just overeat


This is my issue too. I weigh 195ish and I average 250-300g per day.


Why so much? At this point doesn’t it become hard to get in all that?


At 195lbs, 200-300g is 1.2g - 1.5g per pound. Not that uncommon, especially if trying to gain.


Nvm I had a brain fart between lbs and kgs


I can’t tell if you are asking how often someone sells drugs in the bathroom or if you are too prudish to write the word “poop”.


so how often do you POOP per day? :slight_smile:


how big are your meals? How much and what other ingredients do you have in your three meals? How looks a full day of eating?

very interesting thread



2-4 times.


I don’t typically eat very many calories, compared to a lot of guys on here. I’ll probably only total 2,500 calories, with 200-250 protein, 200-250 carbs and the rest fats, so 75g ish. more fats and less carbs if Im not training.

A lot of veggies, and some rice makes up the carbs. fats just from the meat and oil I cook the veggies in.

Yesterday as an example:

Breakfast: 250g beef, half an avocado

Lunch: 250g beef, 200g rice

Dinner: 250g beef and homemade ratatouille. As far as ingredients for the latter, per portion I estimate:
1tbsp olive oil
half an onion
1 red pepper
half a courgette
half an aubergine
1 can of chopped tomatoes


thanks a lot! But where are the fats? How much fat do you count for 250g of “lean beef” and what cuts of meat do you use?


That’s really surprising. I would’ve thought a big dude like you would be eating twice as much carbohydrate as that.

EDIT: although I guess I don’t know what your body fat level is right now, so you could just be keeping that as low as possible


I eat really similar calories, but spread a little differently


I eat similarly. I eat around 2500 calories daily. I get more in the days that include happy hour, drinks, and random un planned meals.

But my typical day looks like:

(post workout) breakfast - eggs, avocado, rice, seaweed, shake that has fruit, nuts, seeds, water
lunch - meat, avocado, veggies (or a chipotle burrito)
dinner - rice/potatoes, meat, veggies OR a full on vegan/vegetarian meal

I think quality of food does more for me than the amount I eat.


TRT has jacked my lipids more than eating red meat. I believe the trick is to make sure you eat equal amounts of omega 3 fats to match the omega 6’s in the typical american diet which is nothing by omega 6’s.