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How Do You Guys Get Enough Protein?


If I’m eating one gram of protein per pound of body weight, then I need to eat 178 grams of protein every day. How are you guys getting that much in every day?


3 eggs 3-4oz breakfast meat (steak or ham) white cheeze bagel-breakfast
Pre workout protein powder and oatmeal
Post workout Lean body protein shake
Lg salad with can of tuna, any white cheeze, almonds, 1/2 avacado
6-8oz steak or one chicken breast with wild rice or sweet pototo



I eat 4 eggs (24 grams of protein ) 1 bag of nuts (24 grams) 2 chicken breasts (100g-130g) and 225g of mince (45g) every day.
So that’s 200g a day minimum.
This does not include the protein from non meat sources like rice and bread.


Have a protein at every meal.
Have 4 meals a day
Have decent portions
Supplement if necessary
Give yourself some leeway (eg. 150 to 200g is probably going to deliver the same outcome unless everything else is perfect and you have some big goals)


Eat meat and eggs everyday and supplement with mass gainer protein powder in whole milk.


Anyone else have trouble staying regular* when eating over 200g of protein a day?

*staying regular= crapping without popping a blood vessel in your face or using an iced tea spoon to assist.
@200g I have to add 800mg magnesium oxide supplements to get proper motility.




Any type of cabbage will clear that right up.

Oranges are pretty good too.


sweet potatoes with help it come out.


HaHa I though that would bring a laugh. I don’t want to derail the thread but high protein does have its negative side effects.


Thanks! That’s really helpful.


I add flax seeds to my protein shakes which gives me fiber and I eat a lot of fruit.


Random add question to this, do you all think there’s an absolute limit? 1g/lb has shown up as a solid rule of thumb in literature, but does that maybe drop off at 200lbs? The body has an absolute capacity to store glycogen (I recognize this is based on the liver, and protein is muscle tissue); is it likely there’s a similar upper limit, or at least an absolute point of greatly diminishing returns, with protein?


I eat a lot of meat.


I think there is but I can’t prove it. I know a guy who chokes down 3# of hamburger a day. Yuck and he has made no measurable gains in 6 months.


A good rib-eye. 300-400g ~ 75-100g protein

Protein Shake ~ 50-60g protein


Diminishing returns I think (at least in the populations that have been studied). Maybe the macros would be better off being fueled with carbs to improve performance to make more gains that ways


My protein needs are relatively modest - 150-160g - and I only meet those levels on resistance training days (2x/week right now).

That said, I transition between three options: (1) a lot of meat, (2) an average amount of meat and a few zero carb protein shakes, and (3) a lot of zero carb protein shakes, depending on what I’ve got a taste for.


hey guys,

serious question regarding staying regular, how often do guys go to the bathroom to make “big deals” per day if you are eating 150-220g of protein?



I eat 3 meals per day with, at the moment, 250g of extra lean ground beef in each. 253g protein sorted.