how do you guys do your sets?

hey guys,
i was just wondering how you all do your sets when you lift?
Do you do three sets of an exercise before going to the next one, or do you do one set of one, one of the other, etc.
i was always under the impression we were supposed to do three sets of one exercise altogether w/ one minute rest between each set and move on, but i may have been wrong.

Do you read? Cuz by the sounds of that ? you don’t. You need to read some articles on here and purchase some books. Then when you have a true legit question come ask it.

Hey, let’s try to be a little more friendly… There is a great wealth of knowledge to be gained from the archives at the t-mag site and it would be a good idea to check it out. To answer your question, I mix things up from time to time. Sometimes I will do all my sets of a particular lift before moving on. I will also do supersets, (working opposing muscles back to back) or other times I will do a compound movement followed immediately by a single joint. (such as bench press followed by flys or tricep pushdowns) There are many other varieties and techniques to help encourage growth and shock the muscles, just don’t ever think that there is only one right way to do anything, because there are many different methods and everybody responds differently. Good Luck! and welcome to the world of t-men and t-vixens.

There’s a lot of different training programs and methods intended to emphasize different goals or results and also designed for different periods in a trainees career. You need to determine your present goals and as rob said, then read, read, read including all the previous issues of T-mag until you find a program designed to achieve the goals you’re presently seeking (such as mass building or strength building or fat loss or explosive strength or hypertrophy or etc etc). Some programs also depend on wether you’re a beginning trainer or advanced trainer.

It depends upon the program design.

Mass and Hypertrophy are the same. Aren’t they?

yeah, yeah, yeah…so I got carried away in my typing…give me a break…I think the point I was trying to convey was obvious.