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How Do You Guys Deal with Depression and Anxiety?

I have clinical high-functioning depression, self-esteem issues, and social anxiety. I don’t treat my depression with anything because of the side-effects and I also have complex PTSD from severe trauma from bullying to losing my father to cancer gruesomely 2 years ago and getting into a bad relationship with a narcissistic person.
Sometimes I’m okay, but other days I’m not. Like the days I’m okay, I will have a great workout at the gym, be happier and look positively into the future. Bad days, I’m tired, have shitty workouts, and very negative.

You guys ever have a shitty year or get depressed? What do you do? How do you get out of it? Also, how do you not let it affect your health or your workout for example? I workout to keep myself at peace and for health reasons (also want to look good).

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say… .

have you ever considered LSD? There is research showing that this could be a legitimate cure for depression and PTSD.

You should read a book by Michael Pollan on the topic but if you don’t read anymore, like most of us then I’d suggest checking this podcast out

I can’t even take CBD or Marijuana. They both freaked me out so bad and made me even worse for a couple of days. I would be terrified to try LSD…

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Have you gone to see a counselor at all for this? I’m not certain how it works and if insurance covers mental health counselors, but I’m sure they’d be much more valuable than a bunch of meat heads on the internet.

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Talk to a professional.



LSD is a completely different thing to marijuana my guy

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I’m trying to find a therapist but my mom has to be the one to do it for me. I’m hearing impaired and I can’t do phone calls and schedule appointment. My mom won’t ever see one, I tried to talk to her and she keeps telling me that there’s no therapist that will or can help her or me. She’s studies mental illness and knows more than most counselor but I keep telling her that even though she knows a lot herself, She could still use the help even if it’s not much. I need one myself, not some shitty social worker who plays with his phone when I’m talking…

I know. Still terrified lol…I hate the feeling of losing control, being drunk, or seeing things that are not there.

This may be too much but there are some places, I think Canada? Maybe even in the U.S already? You’d have to look into it, that are actually doing clinical tests. You could sign up.

You would be under supervision by a therapist. It’s a guided process, you don’t just drop acid and start listening to Pink Floyd lol :wink:

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I get bouts of depression among other things. What helps a lot is somewhat of a stoic attitude that yes, it’s happening, but it doesn’t define or control who you are. Continuing to work out and get/stay in good condition helps a lot too, along with tip #1. They’re almost inextricable. Finding a way to help others (not advice for people in the gym) like some kind of charity work feels good too.

Can’t give any specific advice for specific circumstance, but I’ve experienced a lot of what you have and there are definitely ways to turn a loss into a win. It’s not easy, but it’s absolutely possible.

Also, as others have said, seek professional help or guidance. Don’t conflate the issues you have (hearing impairment) with your mothers (what ever they may be that prevent her from seeking help.).

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She can study and know plenty, but if she’s not a mental health professional then there’s going to be obvious holes in what she knows. I’d suggest communicating with offices via email if she won’t help. Aside from that I don’t have much to offer, but I do hope you find an effective solution.

You can’t take CBD? I haven’t had your experiences but CBD is not supposed to affect you like that…it’s not a high. It shouldn’t affect your mind, thoughts, or behavior like that. Really, you shouldn’t “freak out” from it. It doesn’t have the psychoactive properties you’d get from smoking regular MJ.

How’d you take it? Smoke it, edible, topical (cream, lotion, etc.)…? I’ve used a few different products and have only noticed physical effects (pain reliever).

And yeah, LSD is different than marijuana. Not saying you should take it, but there are a decent amount of studies showing it can help with some mental health disorders. Even heard it can be used to help with alcoholism. Apparently, from what they’ve seen, it’s not addictive (this is debatable). People don’t seem to “need” it, just take it because they enjoy it, and even if taken consistently for a long time, upon stopping, no withdrawal symptoms are shown.

I once found an awesome website giving some great pics of what exactly being on acid feels/looks like. You won’t see little magical creatures crawling around on rainbows or whatever. It’s less cartoon-ish than that.

Anyway, am not encouraging you to try LSD or various CBD products, but as far as drugs go, marijuana (CBD only or otherwise) and hallucinogens such as LSD or shrooms would be the best ones to try. Coke, pills, and harder drugs will do the opposite and make you more depressed. Doubt you were thinking of those anyway.

In more legal terms, I myself have found great success with an antidepressant. A 10mg fluoxetine dose a day for the past several months has worked wonders. Pretty sure this is like the lowest dose I could possibly be taking. I may bump it up to 15-20mg soon.

I started a thread about it a while ago:

Check that out if you want. Some users were very helpful.

Anyway, I was pretty adverse to taking any meds. Lots of family members and friends struggle with addiction, so I was opposed to the idea of medicating for a problem I thought would just go away, or that I could treat myself. Well, several years went by and nothing really got better. Never was suicidal, but I lost a lot of motivation - to work out, eat healthy, make attempts at friends, try hard in school, etc. Really just stopped caring and trying at anything that would make me feel better, which obviously resulted in me not feeling good about myself. Long story short, I got depressed and that just made it all the harder to actually try to do good, even if I knew it would help me.

Still don’t know “why” I felt that way. Hormone imbalance? That’s my go to answer but I really don’t know much about this stuff. I had a bit of a crazy childhood and dealt with some trauma - I’m sure that played a role. A family history of depression and drug addiction on both sides of my family may make me more prone to that stuff. I’m Native American - they seem to get the worst of every health issue you can name.

Doesn’t really matter why I felt that way, just that I did. It’s better now though. The medication really helped. I started sleeping much better, and was a LOT less irritable. If I run out for even a day or two and forget to refill my prescription (which, by the way, is $4 a month at Walmart’s pharmacy. Can’t beat that.) I notice I’m getting more irritable. I’m feeling better though. More positive. Better about myself. Working 3 jobs and feeling productive. Starting college in the fall. Still got a lot of drama and crazy shit in my life but I’m working through it. Life’s good.

A healthy diet (this is where I fail), exercise, surrounding yourself with positive people, having REAL friends, a support group, possibly getting stronger in your faith if you’re a religious person, maybe some medication, therapy…that’s what I’d do to get through it.

I haven’t done much therapy but I probably should. Besides getting some medication to help you get through it, learning how to cope with stuff (loss of loved ones, moving on from an unhealthy relationship) and changing your thinking patterns will be awesome tools for the rest of your life.

@flappinit - any advice for this guy? I think everyone’s covered the main one - talk to a professional. But you seem good with this stuff. By the way, wanted to thank you for that thread I started a while back. I keep meaning to starting a log, and mentioning it there, but the advice I got from you, and the encouragement to do something about my isssues really helped. Doing a lot better.


Talk to a professional. There are therepists that do texts to work around your hearing issue. Check out Talkspace and Betterhelp.

Definitely do not just use drugs like mentioned above without a professional. The LSD/MDMA/Mushroom stuff is all VERY supervised, not something to do on your own.


For real, you guys should really consider the “advice” you’re giving and the fact that you really don’t know the true state of the person before recommending what amounts to drug abuse.


Therapy, Latuda, Lamictal, and a shit ton of Welbutrin XL

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Shit, I tough mine out. Find something you love and let it be your addiction. Make goals. Have plans. Think. Write shit down. Don’t stop moving.

Be careful telling people to “tough it out”, man. It’s not an issue of toughness, and it takes courage to seek proper help.

@jshaving I appreciate the feedback and the tag here, and I’m sincerely glad to hear you’re doing well. Happy to help, but give yourself all the credit for how you’re doing - it was you who made the change. Tag me when that log goes up, dude.

I only have one thing to add, since my advice is also see a professional. This is strictly my opinion, and I am not a professional, but I am wary of psychiatrists or therapists who would prescribe medication on the first visit. Medication may or may not be needed, but I feel like knowing whether or not it is takes more than a half-hour session. Just my two cents.

@hawkeyefitness I hope you can work through some of this. You should start a log here - some accountability, feedback from others, and tangible evidence of progress are all positive things. Gotta keep it positive.


Yeah, rereading I went into too much detail about that stuff. Wasn’t encouraging it at all, since I don’t think it’d be a good idea at all to just “mess around with,” just kinda starting ranting about what little I knew of it.

I think it has it’s benefits when done properly, but what most people do isn’t proper use.

Sorry @hawkeyefitness - stick with therapy.

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To be fair, I am currently stuck in a living/existing/health situation combo that is pretty unbearable. I am unable to get myself professional help because I am not allowed to, so I simply exist in spite of my overwhelming desire not to do so.

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