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How Do You Get TRT Prescribed?

Depending on test results will all doctors prescribe it when things are in a certain range? Are any doctors against it and try to do other things first? Is it as simple as saying you want it as long as results are below some level? Are male or female doctors different regarding this?

Just asking because I have an appointment coming up for this to get tested but its a new doctor so I’m not sure what to expect.

It could be a general practioner, urologist, endocrine specialist ECT ECT I had all of the above more than willing to give me a script for Testosterone Cypionate. My Endo is a young pretty Indian girl. She ended up writing my script after 3 sets of blood work came back at the bottom of the range. As far as alternate treatments I’m sure it’s going to vary from one doctor to another based on their knowledge and experience. Educate yourself first. Read the stickies. Use the search feature on this forum and look up similar cases. Learn from others success and failures.

I really just need to get tested and go from there. Probably have more questions after that. Based on symptoms people describe I may not be low and just on the low end of the normal range. But I often hear people say the normal range goes too low which would definitely be a problem for doctors who go by the “recommended” numbers.

Your right. Get tested. I wish I would habe tested when I was younger. I have nothing to reference to so I don’t know how long I was declining. Maybe I have always been low. Who knows? Get tested. Make some educated decisions while working with competent doctor’s.

Lab Work, Blood Testing and Symptoms Get the right labs right off the bat. Check.

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No, not all doctors will prescribe. And no, you cant just tell the doc you want a prescription for a controlled substance.

The lab that my doc uses for instance uses a range of 175-781 being normal for total testosterone. I had to convince him that my 239 reading was indeed low. But what really sold him is that I have been declining over the last 5 years when I started having it tested by him. Started around 400 and has steadily decreased each year.

Present your case, your numbers, and especially your symptoms. Be thorough and dont be embarrassed. If you’re having libido and arousal problems tell him/her. It can only help your case. Suggest that testosterone replacement therapy might work to help you feel better.

So really it depends on your labs but more on your doc. And as you will read in these forums docs go from knowing some about TRT to being absolutely clueless.

Now if you are willing to pay out of pocket you could probably be on TRT by the weekend.

Good luck and keep us posted.