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How Do You Get So Much Protein?


From what ive read your protein intake should be about 1.25 to 1.5 grams per pound of body weight???? if this is right, how on earth do i get 263 to 316 plus grams of protein a day?? i mean how do you guys do it? are you just gulping down protein shakes or eating entire flocks of chicken?? is there a good site for high protein recipes??? help a brotha out!!!


Protein shakes help. And I'd have to say yes to the flocks of chicken, having just grabbed a fifth rotisserie chicken from Costco this week. Tomorrow I'll be grilling a bunch of tri-tip roasts which have been marinating in salt and garlic for 2 days.

I learned how to cook all forms of protein mainly from Cook's Illustrated. You can subscribe to the website which has all the recipes from all the back issues, videos, etc. It's well worth it if you want to learn to make good meals with protein. Then practice making the same type of meat till you have it perfected. There are also loads of recipe threads on this site, if you can find them.

I have to say, Costco is great for big protein eaters. You can buy big packages of great quality meat at great prices (choice grade beef, for example), and they also have a bunch of stuff that's already prepared (read labels to see if appropriate for your diet) like Italian chicken meatballs, smoked Gouda and apple chicken sausage, etc.


Eat meat with every meal. I'm talking like a chicken breast or two, ground beef, steak, a can of tuna, etc. If for some reason you don't have that much meat or can't afford it, eat peanut butter with every meal or when just sitting around and drink protein shakes with your meals. Not that hard when you get used to eating this way.


cool shit. yeah i got a sams club card so ill have to look a bit closer when i get to the meat section. What kinda protein shakes do you recommend? im doin monster milk right now which doesnt taste to bad. Most protein shakes on their directions say take like one to two servings a day... is there anything wrong with exceeding the amount?


I consume in the range of 225-275g of protein a day. I generally eat meat (read: some form of beef) with every meal. Also, minimum (but not limited to) two protein shakes a day.

EDIT: I like Grow! Whey alot, it costs less per pound than anything I can buy locally. And the shipping is free for me.
Also, feel free to consume more than two shakes a day. Protein is protein. There isn't anything magical about "2 shakes" that will cause problems if surpassed.


2nd the Grow! Whey


250 grams of protein is about two pounds of meat. I can do that in two chicken breasts and a respectable steak. Add in some bacon and eggs for breakfast and you can hit your goals in three square meals, no shakes required.



Meat with every meal, shakes, cheese, peanut better, high-grade sausage and ham as snacks, the list goes on.


Meat. Bacon and eggs. Protein Shakes. Meat (especially as a snack). I always try to add kidney beans or cashew nuts to stuff too for some bonus protein.


eggs, chicken, turkey, beans, nuts, shakes..


I am small, so I don't get anywhere near that amount. Tuna though is a big help - cheap and cheerful.

Liquid Egg Whites are also handy, through in a couple of yolks or more and your all set.


Lots of eggs, some milk, and like you said, "flocks of chicken." Eating meat by the pound just takes some time to get used to.

Gotta find some good recipes that make you WANT to eat it.


Drinking a gallon of milk a day gives me 145grams just form my liquids. Throw in eggs, chicken, tuna, PB and free beef/chicken dinners from my mothers workplace and it becomes pretty damn easy to get the protein I need.

Like has been mentioned, the hardest thing is trying to find new ways to make you want to eat it


Heck yeah. Gotta love eggs! Round steak's not real expensive, and it's pretty easy to prepare and store for later. I don't rely heavily on shakes, but I do incorporate them. Also, liquid egg whites are a pretty cheap way to get some quick protein!


I see no point in trying to fit 300g of protein into a 2000 calorie cutting diet...that would mean I have a 50-60% protein macro...no thanks I like having energy when it comes to doing heavy squats/deadlifts.


I just do not understand how you can drink one gallon (3.78 litres) of fucking milk in ONE day! Do you drink water or tea or anything else in a day for that matter...


Actually the converter I used calculated a gallon to be 4.5litres a day. Yeah I found it a bit overkill for the first few days but you quickly get used to it.
I might hit up to 5 litres of liquid in total on workout days as immediately PWO I mix my PWO shake with water and if at the cinema or just not in a situation where I can have milk, I'll have some water, but I'll always make sure I have at least 4 litres of milk a day...


eggs, milk, cottage cheese, natty pnut butter, fish, beef, chicken, pork, beans, and protien shakes.


so its true though, i should be consuming 265 to 316 grams a day??? what about my kidneys or liver??? do you just drink water for that? or is 316 grams of protein no where near the limit of organ failure???


Nowhere even close. If you don't already have kidney problems, don't sweat it. That's like saying exercise is bad for you 'cause you'll break a hip.