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How Do You Get Rid of Stretchmarks?


How do you guys deal with stretchmarks? Any idea of how to get rid of them or lighten them up a little bit?


do a search this topic has been discussed a million and one times lol


I asked a doc about this years ago and he told me that the laser technology gets better every year. Not too expensive either. i like them,evidence of my hard work...lol


Very simple, just get rid of the skin.




you can buy some over the counter cream at a drug store. Ive been using it for a little bit and seems to be helping some.


Lulz, I need to do this. £6k cost though, damn my former fat ass/gut. When I get into a push up/plank position it looks like a ball bag hanging from my stomach.

OP, some creams work reasonably well, the Palmers one with cocoa butter helped my with arm ones some, not so much the 'mini-tear's' that I have in the worst area's. If you have them, then your pretty stuck from what i've been told by Dr's.

How have these marks come about? A friend of mine got them from a growth spurt when he was about 14, when he grew taller quickly.