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How Do You Get Enough Protein?


They say to get 1.5 to 2 times your bodyweight in protein DAILY....

I weight 236....

I need at least 354 grams daily....

How the Fuck do I manage that?!

Forget calories, its easy to eat over 3000 cals, but protein... WTF

Let's say I wake up at 9 AM and stop eating for the day at 9 PM.... There are about 11 hours of activity in which I could be eating... I would need over 32 G of protein EVERY HOUR. (on average)

How the hell do you guys get enough protein?

I find myself eating enough cals, but my protein is lacking. For example, it is already 3:00 PM, and I have only had about 90 G protein. The other day I counted my protein and it was WAYY under 1.5 times BW.

wtf? Not complaining at all but how the hell do I manage? I already have three scoops of whey daily, which is the maximum recommended daily on the package.


Never thought it was all too hard.

Eggs is my staple breakfast.
Like I said in another thread, try one scoop of whey shaken with 4-6 whole eggs.
If you use 6 eggs it will come in at 520 calories and 56 grams of protein.

Try subway and get double meat on the chicken teriyaki or chicken breast subs.
Subway 12" chicken breast with double meat has 92+ grams of protein and cost $7.50.

I can't think of a restaurant fast/sit-down that won't double the meat on anything for a price.
Just ask.


What is your lean body mass?
Use the LBM when calculating calorie/protein requirments.
This could make it a more manageable number for you right now.



Most bodybuilding articles list several ways to get enough....

Protein Shakes help tremendously.

It can get expensive, that's what separates bodybuilders from others they want it enough to get it.


How lean are you at your weight?


x2 on jlone and airtruth.


I think it's 2x your LEAN bodyweight. Meaning that even though I normally weigh about 205, my stage weight is 175, so I can get by with 350g TOPS according to the very broadly prescribed figure(in actuality I stick around 250-275g/day).



3 scoops max recommended? i dont see why that would be. sometimes i consume up to 6 scoops a day.

  1. see meat

  2. put meat in mouth

  3. chew meat

  4. swallow meat


Why are you only eating for 12 hours? Most people are awake for 16-18 ... I think I see your main problem right here.

Other than that, just eat every 3 hours and figure out how many grams of protein you need per meal. Whatever you dont eat in real food, add in the form of a shake at the meal time.

meal 1 - Eggs, Ham, Grits

Meal 2 - 1/2 pound beef, broccoli, rice

Meal 3 - Peri workout

Meal 4 - Cottage cheese and PB

Meal 5 - Meal 2 - 1/2 pound beef, broccoli, rice

Meal 6 - 60g protein shake

That right there should get you damn close


I think you're over estimating the amount you actually need. I'd go with Stu's figures, much more realistic. There's never been any proof that consuming 2x bodyweight in protein is benficial, 1.5 yes, but anything over that i think is just overkill IMO! like the other guys said you should be using lean body mass, not total body weight.

At your weight, assuming your bf is lets say 15%, thats a lean body mass of 200lb's, you should be aiming for about 300gr protein, and given the sample food plan Lonnie laid out that shouldnt be a problem.

Also the 3 shake thing is a load of rubbish, thats probably based on a 150lb individual with no scientific backing at all, apart from maybe a few guinea pigs who never had a protein shake in their life, and who all of a sudden get fed 6 shakes a day and get a bit of an upset stomach, these so called trials they base their recommendations on are usualy a load of shit!


The pro bb's on 350+ g protein per day are on multiple drugs/hormones (T, thyroid, insulin) to be able to work out that much and make use of that much pro. YOU, OP, do NOT need "at least" 354 g daily.

Look at Stu: 250-275 g pro per day, and in comp shape.

Def restrict that feeding window to 12 hours (actually you said 11, which is even better); this gives your digestive system a rest, helps you get a good night's sleep (recovery's where you make your gains), and decreases probability of developing insulin resistance.

50 g pro per meal x just 5 meals per day = 250. Make sure to walk to move the food through the intestines to make room for more..


I think CC wrote something about drinking 2-3 100 gram shakes a day. Doesn't need to be harder than that.

Only thing I'd like to know is where he found a shaker that big :slight_smile:


I eat a small child or a few cute furry little animals while at work so that seems to help...

I clock-in with about 225-235 grams or protein consumed per day...


I aim to hit 300 grams protein everyday and shakes play a bit part in this when I dont have the time to prepare enough eggs and meat.

Some days I will two monster whey shakes each with 80 grams protein (total 160), and maybe one more shake of 40 grams protein (total 200); and then the remaining 100 from eggs, chicken, lean beef, fish etc..

Of course, it is best to get as much protein as possible from solid food. But if you are always falling way short of the 1.5 grams per lb (or 2 grams per lean lb), then make up the difference with shakes.

I have made good gains using whey as my major source of protein. It's far far cheaper than meat (about 80% cheaper because I live in Korea and can get it in bulk for dirt cheap).

But try and fill up on solid food first and bridge the gap with shakes (dont worry about the 3 scoops per day thing, whey wont hurt you).

Also try and prepare meals in bulk. Example I will cook 1kg chicken breasts in a stew with sweet potato and vegetables and that makes 5 meals with 50 grams protein each. This is one weeks lunch at work. I will also cook a number of steaks at once and freeze.. So my freezer is always full of ready to eat high protein sources. And my bag always has at least two monster whey shakes every morning for while Im at work (so at work I get 50 grams from my chicken and veggies, 80 grams from whey shake 1, and 80 grams from whey shake 2 = 210 )

Not so difficult :slight_smile:

But I am following a 16/8 intermittent fasting style of eating, so I only get 8 hours to get in my protein and calories, and I still hit the 300 range daily.

Just do it!!


Ahhhh, I say we have another "availability of protein" from raw eggs! What do you think? gets absorbed or not?


What is the most accurate weigh to record bodyfat?


I weigh ~170#(5ft7).
I used to think like that, 'Oh, how am I ever going to eat enough to gain??', 'It seems like so much food'.
It's really easy actually, get passed thinking about the numbers, and increase the size of your portions.
Chicken breast, lean ground beef, inside round(these are my staples) all have ~7-9g protein/oz. So every time I eat, I consume at least 5-7oz of _____ meat every time I eat. Problem solved.

Also, buy in bulk, buying/having a deep freezer makes it a lot easier.
Or you could hunt.

But yeah, the biggest factor I found in following a diet is money. I don't make crazy bank or anything, but I have no issue with cutting out anything that isn't tied-in with my education, my training(diet included), my vehicle, and other necessities.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself "What am I willing to sacrifice in order to achieve this?"


eat meat is it really that hard. Copule cans of tuna or chicken or turkey or slamon will get you 50+ depending on size of the cans. Eat a chicken breast or two some steak, greek yogurt, eggs, egg whites, protien powder. I can easily hit 350 and i only eat 4 meals and i eat 12 hrs or less in a day. Eat like a man eat meat you will have no problem.