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How Do You Find What Works Best for You?

Although certain training methods have a positive effect on any individual, we are different
in that there may be a optimal way to train for one person that is different for

With regards to training and nutrition, how do you find out what works best for

Do you trial out a routine for a set amount of months and see how it goes???

You start with a basic training template, and a basic diet, and stick with it. Over time you will naturally make the tweaks to it you need to see the best results.

Keep in mind that it’s not as though you will someday hit upon your perfect routine that you grow the most from and will never need to change in the slightest…

To find what works for you means that you are in tune with your body, and you’re aware of how much frequency and stress it needs to grow (and how much is too much/little). Your muscles do not grow because they can somehow sense your routine is “correct”… they grow because of the intensity you put into the exercises that work most directly on them; the right routine for each person, in my opinion, always starts with their performance on the individual exercises they’ve found to work best, and it ends with how often can you do those exercises without overlap or overtraining.

trial and error buddy boy!

i keep notes on both my training and nutrition. im OCD like that. i track my lifts and make sure they are going up and i track my nutrition and make sure my body weight is headed in the direction i want it to (UP!!). plus the mirror, do you look better after 4-6 weeks? worse? learner? fatter?

If you are serious about progress and not afraid to pay the cost to be a boss, then you eventually, with years of seeking improvement, learn how your body responds to different stimulus and partake in training and diet that elicits the most appealing growth.

This is honestly one activity where you never stop learning.

another vote for trial and error. Personally i would limit the amount of variables that you are changing. Personally when i was younger i switched diets and programs more times than a high school girl does relationships. This only confused me more, making me conclude that certain diets or certain programs “didn’t work” for me.

For example, i’d change my diet and keep the same routine and start taking creatine. So i wasn’t sure which was more beneficial creatine or the diet change. Then shortly after i’d change my lifting routine.

I’d just keep everything consistent and change one thing at a time after a couple of weeks if there is no change then obviously it didn’t work, then u can tweak something else.