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How Do You Fill Out Your Meet Entries?

Two Polls.

How do most meets you compete in take entry forms?

  • Mail In Entry Form
  • Online Entry Form
  • Mail In orOnline Entry Form

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How would you prefer to do your entries?

  • Mail In because I love horse and buggies
  • Online because my fitbit says so

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Personally I hate having to mail in entries.

You strongmen folks can vote too

I haven’t seen a mail-in option for a meet yet, and as time goes by it’s less and less likely. Mail is worse because you can’t be sure that they received your entry, plus it costs money (not much) but it requires going out of your way and buying stamps.

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You are lucky.

All i’m seeing lately is mail in, it’s a pain in the ass for something so trivial.

Prefer Mail in.

More likely to secure first entrant, since people are lazy.


I’ve registered verbally before. Hey hold a spot for me, I have to show off my terrible lifts. Usually works.

Edit: I did eventually have to fill out an online form.

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That’s weird. It seems like it would be much easier for everyone involved to do it electronically. These days mail barely exists anymore in Canada, mostly for online shopping.

How is that of any benefit?

It typically determines the order you compete in for strongman. First entrant goes last. Let’s you know what you need to do to win, so you can measure your attempts.


Lol i’ve shown up the day of and registered for SPF meets, lol