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How Do You Fight Procrastination?


I’ve tried modafinil and adderal and neither help. The first just keeps me awake and procrastinating and the second gives me dry mouth while I procrastinate.

Clinical procrastination (is that a thing?) rather than just putting off shit you don’t want to do seems to me to be related to anxiety. In other words, I have an image in my mind of how I want this project to look and how the process of completing it will go. To the extent reality falls shorty of my “fantasy”, it causes a significant amount of anxiety.

Waiting until the last minute does two things: the pain of not turning in the project is greater than the anxiety caused by doing the project, and finally turning the damn thing in frees my mind from having to think about it anymore.


panic monster! You should watch that TED talk I posted


That was really good, spot on in some ways.


Cocaine just makes you think you’re getting shit done.

I fucking hate vicodin. I had that when I was burned (after morphine and all sorts of other shit). All it did was give me nightmares. Still pain, still panic.

Valium, however, made me tolerate debridement. It still hurt like a motherfucker, but I didn’t have panic attacks before the debridement sessions. And, of course, you get nothing done. But you don’t care.


Dang so you’re saying that the show House lied to me? He made it look kinda fun.


Seems like you are procrastinating with sleep.


his blog waitbutwhy is really good too


I’ll tell you tomorrow.


The only thing I ever got done with coke was more coke.


I’ve procrastinated with Tim Urban many times. : )


I actually almost had control over my procrastination…
…and then i found this site…


I have too many junkies in my family. I studiously avoided it.


Trying to get a handle on this now. So nowhere near perfect, but getting there.

I set huge driving lifelong goals. (Financial independence, Be a good husband/dad, fitness etc…)

Then I work backwards to yearly, monthly, weekly & daily goals. What am I doing in the short term to work toward the long term?

I compare the crap I actually have to do vs my goals. Am I working towards something or just working? Is something important to me not on the list of goals?

Then I try to rearrange my to do list so that the “mission critical” stuff gets done first. Calling it priorities makes them seem preplanned and rational, it’s more like triage.

This practice is helping me decide what’s compelling and worth doing. But I’m in the baby step portion of all this.


I’m a pretty good procrastinator.

I have found doing whatever you least like doing as your first task of the day works well. Makes you feel better once you are done and makes you more likely to be productive for the rest of the day.