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How Do You Feel When the Honeymoon Phase is Over?

Hi everyone…new guy here. I read through the posts and stickies but couldn’t find the answer I was seeking…so here I am. Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question but here it goes…I will be starting TRT 100mg/E3.5 soon and read a lot about the honeymoon phase. I understand what causes it and I understand that after it is over you will need to get dialed in and that could be a short or long time depending on 1000 factors. My question is that once that honeymoon phase is over, what state are people typically in, or does it vary? Do you feel like you did pre-TRT, worse, better? The reason I’m asking is that I have some travel plans coming up and if people typically feel worse and like dog sh*t after the honeymoon is over, I will wait until my trip is over until I begin so I won’t be post-honeymoon on my trip. If I end up feeling like ass during my trip because of this my wife will kill me. Thanks for any advice!

I didn’t experience any such phase. I started trt, got my protocol where it needed to be, and I’ve been good ever since. Honestly, your day-to-day life and how you manage stress will be a far better predictor of how you feel on a macro level than anything else.


I personally felt around where I started, no better no worse. I had 2 really good days then back down to where I was. I started on cream though so that may be a different effect then what those who started on injections would experience.

Wow, thanks for the speedy replies guys! I may just get on the trt train asap then. Definitely looking forward to seeing improvements.

I have started week 4 and still feel somewhat tired during the day but did not have any type of drop off yet. My strength is going up and somehow seem to be showing some physical improvements. No negative sides other than some oily skin at the moment.

My initial dose was so low that I felt like where I was before I started. Bitchy, hot flashes all the time, exhausted. Luckily my doc was agreeable to upping my dose from 50mg a week to get me feeling better.

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My “honeymoon” phase was terrible. Adjusting to having high T after being to low was a shock for me, but I leveled out.

I feel great most days, good some days, and every now and then I feel Ok. (always motivated to hit gym though) I think people attribute too much to testosterone though. Some days you might just be having a good or bad day, nothing to do with T.


Yeah it isnt a panacea for everything. You still need to sleep and take care of yourself to have great days. Your bad days wont be AS BAD as pre TRT however. FUck those days. Fuck em right in the …


Concur. My worst day on TRT is 20x better than my best day without TRT.

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exactly. Well said.

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@anon10035199 said it right. For me sleep is more important now that I’m on TRT. When I don’t get 8 hours of sleep I don’t feel great. Before TRT I could get away with less sleep on occasion and still be fine.

Awesome, great replies guys…thanks! I can still function (not well) as it is now with tt of about 170, so I’m assuming that any difference will be better. Honestly, I’ve been feeling like this for a while and don’t really remember what it was like to be “normal”, because I have a new normal. I remember a couple years ago having a great attitude, energy to work out all the time and play with my kids 24x7, but it’s almost like looking back in time to another person’s life…if that makes sense at all - probably not. I’m 45 and spend way too much time in my Archie Bunker chair! No matter what I do as far as diet, exercise and sleep I am still abnormally tired and have a short fuse. Definitely looking forward to an improved life.

I don’t know where your free test is, but I had OK TT numbers like 400’s, but my SHBG was choking off all my free test.

I felt like shit, terrible. And your right, I was a completely different person. I stopped enjoying music, I stopped having a drive to be athletic, look good, be strong. I lost myself definitely. I am better than I was before now though, so no regrets.

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Alpha, that is me to a tee! I used to put good music on and go into the zone working out. I found myself struggling with that… so i went to motivational videos while i was working out and then they did not work… once they stopped working i found getting a good workout in was nearly impossible. I would go thru the motions and could not wait to get done. I am high shbg as well.

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