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How Do You Feel About Tanning?


How do you guys feel about it?

My girl is Asian with a ridiculously awesome skin tone that's like peanut butter almost...just like Rihanna. So yeah, she's about 10 shades darker than I am and any time we go out I look like I died last week. Also, I fry on the beach so I figured a base tan wouldn't be so bad as we approach warmer weather and vacation season. It's been ok so far, I don't really mind it, it actually gives me a bit of a ''high''. I messed up a bit last night tho and stayed in a bit too long...I now look like a house fire survivor lol.

I know the risks and I know all the claims that salons make about it being good for you are BS...I'm not debating that. I'm asking for opinions on the actual act because I always feel weird when I walk into the place. A little less manly, if you will.

It really does emphasize the cuts though.

Wutta ya think? Does anyone else tan? Is it a little too ''estrogen''? I am definitely the only straight man I've seen in the place I go to.


The only tanning a man should ever do is by the lake with a cooler full of beer. Tanning salons are gay as fuck and no self respecting man should ever be caught dead inside of one.


Worrying about whether something is manly or not is a lot less manly than just doing w/e it is you're wanting to do without worrying about what anyone thinks of it.

Getting a tan makes a HUGE difference in how your entire physique looks, for the better...i just got tan for the first time ever recently and wish i had done it a long time ago.


Not white so I don't obviously tan.

Just wanted to say I think most white and asian girls look better untanned.

Girls who look like carrots all year round in parts of the world that have 4 seasons appear really fake to me. My gym has a tanning booth so a lot of the girls (especially the staff) walk around extremely tanned.

But to answer your question I don't think there's anything wrong with an ultra pale dude getting SOME colour in his skin during the cold months. Just don't go all Bro on us and become Danny Tanner.


So, by that logic, are hair salons unacceptable as well? Can I continue to get my hair washed and cut while surrounded by beautiful young women or am I confined to the barber shop in the hood, on the corner that's full of smoke and people playing xbox?


Lol @ orange people. I know what you mean. I'm honestly about 2-3 shades darker than I was when I started and I have NO intentions of making it look obvious.


bro... its march and you live in Delaware... Do you think you're really fooling anyone walking around with a legit tan?


Well thats my thing. I'm not tan, per se, I'm just not as light as I used to be. My friends can't even tell really. I didn't jump into it trying to be a Jersey Shore look-a-like.

My parents are both dark and my sister looks like she's fresh off the boat from Italy. My grandmother was so dark that until I was like 7 I thought she was black. I'm like the only mofo who got stuck looking like I took a bag of flour to the grill. So yeah, after like 2 weeks of doing this overly vain shit, I'm still not even as dark as my own dad...and he works inside all day the same I do.

And I don't have to tell the people in FL that I'm from Delaware so chill out Rex Kwan Do



^^and now this?

So what is it? Are you 3 shades darker or not tan?


I go tanning a few weeks before summer so I don't burn the first day out at the pool. I'll also go if I'm going somewhere warm for a vacation in the winter for the same reason. I don't want to have to worry about how long I've been outside or whether or not I need to reapply 50 coats of SPF 15 all day.

Also x2 on what josh said. Part of being a man is doing your thing regardless of what other people think.


gregron = certified T-Nation ball buster


you know it!


GTL baby! LMAO


Both. Ok...for a visual analogy...I normally look damn near see-thru. Now, I look less see-thru.

I used to work outside years ago and I had a healthy skin tone. Now that I'm inside under these damn fluorescents, I'm like school-glue white. If you looked at me, you'd have no clue that I tanned, you'd just think that this is natural. I laugh at people who make it obvious.

Correction...after last nights fiasco and waking up looking like a fucking lobster, I suspect it will become more noticeable.

ehh...screw it.


Worrying about someone else worrying about whether something is manly or not is a lot less manly than just not worrying about w/e it is you're worrying about without worrying about what anyone thinks of it is.






It's cool...my face didn't burn. I'll just work out tonight in a hoodie?

Laugh it up greg...with your oversized avatar. You bastard.


I cut my own hair or have my wife cut it. And the only tanning I do is when I work outside.



OP: Just tan already and stop with the questions!